Programmed Consciousness

L'AuraThere are many people who act as if they are robots.

Although this may sound like the twilight zone. There are beings that are void of emotion and void of the ability to connect consciously with others and with themselves.

Repetitive modes; part of the programming of mass consciousness, is prevalent on Earth, even to this day, through people.

Void of heart consciousness; the seemingly heartless ways live through the vibration of beings, not aware of their Divine God Self.

The move from the head to the heart, is a natural one, although very difficult for most, because of the previous 3D  programming and attachments.

Human beings; designed and created to ASCEND into the higher levels AS being conscious Divine Beings ~ Are the LOVE that is desired, at the highest levels.

As our PRESENCE, we are our literally our center and Heart; which flows as the love, the Glory and the Light, which is available to ALL NOW.

Entering your heart, we bless you and fill you with the DIVINE KNOWING, that you ARE a Divine Cosmic Being. Here to ascend, here to love and simply BE, the eternal light that you are.

All programming, releasing itself, now, as you move to your heart and open to your Eternal Cosmic God Self, now.

With love, forevermore and now, L’Aura


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  1. Thank you so much L’Aura🧡I love it 😁 love you🧡

  2. Thank You Beloved QOL ~ in All ways I always enjoy & auspiciously (Thank YOU ) 🙂 benefit from Your Sacred writings, etc… I choose to consciously live in & through my heart space moment to moment ~ allowing my Divinity to make itself known to me more & more as I consciously merge my consciousness with the Sacred Light of my God Goddess Self 🙂 I consciously vibrate in divine harmony, love, light, Joy, with child like being & wonder. I observe ~ as the witness ~ & remain in a compassionate yet emotionally detached state ~ I allow all to be ~ knowing “all is held in love.” I enjoy life to the fullest ~ following & honoring sacred “activity” & being for what brings me joy & bliss 🙂 My mirror reflects a beautiful magical Higher Self immersed in joyful expansion, holy love, & light. Always Fullness of Love & Gratitude to & for YOU Divine QOL & Overseers. I see & feel YOU with my heart, & at the divine moment with my physical eyes 🙂 Thank YOU 4ever & Now 🙂 Deeply I Love YOU 🙂

  3. Sacred LOVE always and blessings! xo

  4. Thank you so much! I Love You! 🙏🏻💜

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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