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Are You Still Believing in a Physical World?

LInannaThe senses of what is solid is the immersion of 3D consciousness.

You are being CALLED to let go of what you believed was the physical solid illusion of form and all matter.

It is all Light frequencies and THROUGH the level that you are allowing your DIVINE to flow you as the only one you ARE ~ BEING ~ is the level of miracles, glory and the viewing of the original LIGHT ~ as it creates with its consciousness flow.

Nothing is solid at the true higher level of ALL consciousness and matter.

Your chair is not solid, your table is not solid, your body is not solid, you are immersed in a series of outmoded beliefs that made you see everything through the 3D immersion, of your awareness.

Now ~ Lifting your awareness to the the truth of your Original Light, creation as UNIQUE frequency, recognize ~ what this is.

What you are.

What 3D is.

What consciousness is.

What frequency is.

And How it ALL is interacting with you ~ that beyond the 3D awareness YOU finally see what everything is. 3D does not view 3D as different.

YOU expand and are initiated into the ORIGINAL Divine Being, that flows through the form that is Light. THEN you are an Ascended Being a Master of Form ~ like the Elohim, have graduated and know what all of this is. In love, through your heart, it all exists NOW.


The Lords of Karma and MORE

L'Aura ~ in love, always xoCreation ~ the Creator Gods, DNA, human form, ALL reveal the uniqueness of creation. From the finger prints to the eyes, to the DNA.

Beyond that, which is mainly visible to most is the UNIQUE Frequency that one vibrates to and AS.

Each animal is a unique soul. We know all dogs are not the same, and why would we want them the same? We would not,  they are all unique Souls. Beings that also exist beyond the 3D world.

In this the Age of Aquarius, it is about uniqueness, invention, authenticity, wholeness and being consciously merged with the eternal divine Being. to consciously also become aware of being a master of form.

A master of form, means mastery of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, through HARMONY.

Being a master of form is a state of being that already exists for YOU, now.

Because it is a frequency and already exists, you are aligning with it in this MOMENT.

What is taking place, is the removal of all that is not that, the removal of all beliefs, attachments, and resistance to what IS.

Beyond that karma of fear you are harbouring subconsciously is the contract that you agreed to be here and merge in Union with the you that is not fear based, time based or limitation based.

All beings on Earth that incarnate through the Earth program will all graduate and Ascend.

What matters is the focus on YOU and your evolution in the now moment, then all falls into place, effortlessly.

Memories that are energetically charged that have not been cleared in your subconscious, are up for transformation. This is what karma is. It is no mystery.

It is the baggage you carry with you, that is not the true you.

For now, let us focus on the TRUE unique Being that already exists as a master of form. As this is WHERE it is AT.

Now, we are merging you more, and clearing away those fears, that harbour in the so-called darkness which we bring to the LIGHT.

Some have called us the Lords of Karma, we Are The Divine Council of Overseers and we are present now and always. As it is NOW. In love.



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Awakening from The Old World

L'AuraThere are many people who act as if they are robots. Being run through the old program does that, as the blueprint and its related patterns, demands death and rebirth, to awaken.

Although this may sound like the twilight zone. There are beings that are void of emotion and void of the ability to connect consciously with others and with themselves.

Repetitive modes; part of the programming of mass consciousness, is prevalent on Earth, even to this day, through people.

Void of heart consciousness; the seemingly heartless ways live through the vibration of beings, not aware of their eternal nature/God Self.

The move from the head to the heart, is a natural one, although very difficult for most, because of the previous 3D  programming and attachments/habits.

Human beings; designed and created to ASCEND into the higher levels AS being conscious Eternal Beings here through form ~ is the LOVE that is desired and mastery to the highest levels of being.

As our PRESENCE, we are our literally our center and Heart; which flows as the love, the Glory and the Light, which is available to ALL NOW.

As you master form and enter your heart more and more, we bless you and fill you with the DIVINE KNOWING, that you ARE a Divine Cosmic Being. Here to ascend, here to love and simply BE, the eternal light that you are.

This is your mastery and your ascension. WE are with you through this as we were in the beginning and before time.

All old outmoded programming is releasing itself now.

As you move to your heart and open to your Eternal Cosmic God Self, now, we activate more and more of your glory. To be here NOW as your mastery in form.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers initiating all through love.

In love, forevermore and now, L’Aura







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The Illumination of The Soul


Letting go of All that are your worldly concerns, is not the process of worrying and seeking security in the 3D plane of the Matrix Mind of the Ego. The Matrix is NOT done to YOU, you choose to exist in it or not.

Being Present in the Light of your Soul is Mastery of the Reality you call existence Here on Planet Earth. Many are Fooling themselves, believing, because they do this or do that, they are Free and they look for external signs as validation, that has nothing to do with the inner processes of Transformation, to Being the Illuminated Light of The Soul.

You cannot attach and Grasp the things of Spirit. In the Stillness of the Moment, the whispers of the Soul, are the Music of the Heart, that gleams its Joy and Abundance, from the Source of All Living that is All That is.

In the Etheric conscious Creation through the Heart is the Instant Manifestation of Creation itself, lived as the arrival of the Destiny of the Soul here on Earth.  Arriving as the Beatific Manifestation of the Destiny of Dreams, known and Forever Dreamt. When you are living in this, the Magic and the cozy Synergy with All that is eternally One with You Now, you have Become Real, You have entered the Realm of Being.

When one consciously exists in the Realm of the Soul and Heart, the transformation through the Soul sweeps one up into a process of Illumination, that is, the Child Like Flow that HAS Let go of All attempts at Grasping and Resisting.

The Ego attempts securing of the external, the Soul lives in the Realm of Being. It cares not for the things of this World, yet exists within it, as the Joy, Abundance, Love of the Eternal I Am Presence.

Two different Worlds, co-exist on this Planet simultaneously. And many variations of the chosen reality through the filter of the mind and beliefs. Saying you desire the Transformation and actually Living as the Presence are two different Worlds, One caught up in the Matrix of Ego consciousness and One existing as the Light of the Soul, walking on Earth, but not attached to it.

The Challenging aspects of this Transformation, are only challenging to the Ego, that resists letting go of the hold it has on its attachments and resistances. It functions on automatic pilot, while the Hearts of those awakened, function as the Beauty of The Soul, as the Child of the Universe, that is Free. Desiring only to Be, as Is.

Enter the Illuminated Being, through your Heart. That is the Light and Beauty of Your Soul. This Light is not the Light of the World, it is the Eternal Light of the Soul.

Breathe and Relax Deeply, the Only way to Be in non-resistance. Relax and Breathe my Light, I Am Forever Present with You, in your Heart.

Slow down and Breathe me in.

I Am the Sacred Light and Illumination of My Soul.

I Enter the Stillness of My Presence, as the Way I Am Being, in All Moments.

My Divinity Shines its Light, upon everywhere I gaze my Attention, I Am Being my Soul, My Divinity, Now.

I Live The Beatific Dream of Dreams, the Illuminated Life of Being, as My Presence, here on Earth.

I Am Being, I Am Divine, I Am Illuminated, Forever and Always, in the Eternal Now, I Forever Am.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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