Are You Still Buying Into Aging and Time?

Of course we all desire miracles. What most people consider miracles to be, are sudden changes that resolve so-called problems, financial, relationships and health.

Those sudden changes though as obviously noted, are shifts OUT of time, where the regular rules of time do not apply. Where no effort is required.

So why then would you desire miracles and still believe in time? When it is OUT of time, in no time (present moment) that they occur.

All changes are within, or do you not recognize that, yet? Are you continuing to try to change things through effort, control and thought?

When you enter the present moment you give up believing that your Earth level being has to be in control, or even can be in control.

Relinquishing all beliefs of time, of trying to control to your Higher Aspects of being, of which, truly is in control, is a profound shift in consciousness. Can you trust the reason and purpose of your being and all experiences that flow though you? When and if you do so, that is the realm of miracles.

You desire something that is miraculous, enter the miraculous zone of being, the present moment, through your heart. Then you enter magic, love and bliss. And you will see and know, there is no time, only majestic being, love and miracles.



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  1. 🥰🦋🥰🦋🥰🦋

  2. 💞💞💞💞

  3. I love you!

  4. 🙂 Fullness of Gratitude, Love, & Bliss to receive Your Sacred Wisdom ~ what a Blessed Gift 🙂 Yes, I fully release & let go with & in ease & Grace (Thank YOU 🙂 ) all beliefs of time, separation, aging, controlling ~ I “relinquish” all notions of 3D & I enter fully consciously the True Love & Light virtues, aspects, & being of living in & through the 5D frequencies & dimensions & higher. I allow my Higher God Self to light the Way for me on all levels of being & to Gracefully fully reside within my form as I merge my conscious awareness with my True Eternal Oneness of All that is. I stay present as my Beloved I Am presence moment to moment. I open to live, be, & experience the realms of magic, love, bliss, & miracles………. 🙂 Beyond a Divine Gift ~ Thank YOU Heavenly QOL ~ Deeply in All moments I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU 🙂 I flow in the Divinity that I Am……..

  5. So applicable, thank you so much! 💜💜💜

  6. Thank you so much! I Love You! 💜

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