This IS THE 11:11:11 Portal ~ The Cosmic Hall Of Mirrors

This is your transformation, November 11th, 2018 = 11:11:11 ~ The Cosmic Hall of Mirrors Portal.

This is the Portal you go through ~ which is a Mirror of Consciousness that initiates you and reveals to YOU the eternal Holy You.

There is ONLY ONE Eternal Original Light, Holy YOU ~ God Self.

Your Light Body is integrating this Now, as the initiation through this Mirror Portal is Life Changing and Altering.

This portal anoints you with the awareness that Eternity is here.

That you have stepped into a new world.

That you are functioning at a Greater Capacity, with new thoughts and emotions that ALIGN energetically with all your Heart has eternally desired.

Your form will change, adjustments made now as your Light Body goes through a chamber of Light we have constructed for you now.

We are the Divine Council of Overseers and present with us, are those in the Halls of Amenti.

The Creator Gods, pleased with your transformation, are present as all go through the Portal.

You are undergoing frequency adjustments and we are in your energy field.

This Light Body activation coincides as the alignment for your nervous system to receive the Hall of Mirrors initiation.

This mirror of consciousness the Mayans spoke of, is pure now and ready for the initiations to begin.

Align on 11:11:11 for the Light Body to alter itself even more greatly, you will feel this. As you go through the 11:11:11 PORTAL and through the Hall of Mirrors…as she is ready, ALL initiations and adjustments of consciousness through your Light Body are made.

The Cosmic Mirror, which also exists in the Halls of Amenti, adjusts itself and the DNA reflection to YOU.

WE are undergoing the preparation ~ yet all exists now.

Through the flow of the Planet Earth Program, great Blessings from the Elohim who too ~ anoint YOU ~  now at even higher levels.

ALL are Blessed, forever.

IN The 11:11:11 Portal of The Cosmic Mirror, in the Love, Glory and Eternal Divine Presence, of ALL That is, we are with you.



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  1. Wow!
    Beloved L’Aura Pleiadian (Queen of Light), The Divine Council of Overseers, The Creator Gods/The Elohim, thank you so very much for this Sacred and Powerful Light Body Activation, for the Frequency adjustments to my energy field, for the Hall of Mirror Initiation and for ALL the Outpour of Grace through Divine Love, Union and Harmony!

    I AM Immensely Grateful!

    I Love YOU! 💙🙏🏻✨

    ∞ 11:11 ∞

  2. Re ~ reading & receiving again ~ head tingles while receiving. I noticed right b4 reading this that 111 emails are in my inbox ~ I also have been seeing 11:11 a lot lately as well as 222, 333, 444, 555. I am beyond Grateful to receive all these Mighty Gifts of Grace from the Divine. I open & receive with a joyous happy heart ~ allowing the magical alchemy to take place with ease & Grace. Forever & Deeply I Love YOU Heavenly QOL & Divine company of Light ~ I Love YOU ~ Ty Ty Ty 🙂 !!!! 🙂

  3. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😁 Thanks

  4. Thanks for your Love Quin of Light ❤❤❤❤❤😍entering the Infinite Hall Of Love

  5. Muchlove and gratitude as always my soul sister. I am experiencing this portal & resonating with everything you are saying in the now. Blessings 🙏💞🌟

  6. Thank YOU for this beautiful activation, dearest L’Aura, the Divine Council of Overseers, and Elohim. Tears and the deepest of gratitude for this sacred gift of the 11:11:11 Portal. I love YOU, with all my heart, always!! 💖🌟💖🌟💖

  7. Beyond A Sacred Holy Gift ~ Eternally Grateful to receive this powerful & magical Activation, Anointing, Initiation, & Sweet Grace. In Fullness of Gratitude Beloved QOL, Overseers, the Creator Gods, Mighty Elohim, & Divine Light Beings in the Halls of Amenti, With great excitement, openness, & Gratitude I enter this transforming 11:11:11 Portal. With all of my heart ~ I Love YOU!!! 🙂 !!!! 4ever & Always 🙂 Ty Ty Ty 🙂

  8. the 11.11. is a trademark point, already experienced in the last years by me.

    Thanks to all helpers for this announcement.

  9. Wow! Thank you SO much L’Aura and The Divine Council of Overseers and Elohim 🙏🏻 Eternally grateful, I love you! 💛💖🌟💙

  10. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 Sacred Unitiation💜 Beyond words💜
    I Adore this and You L‘Aura💜
    Thank you so much 💜
    I feel Grateful to Receive 💜

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