Entering Your Divine Presence as A Conscious Being of Light

The Light within the Light, the Light Beyond the Light.

Eternity ~ where the winds blow through all dimensions, beyond time.

Where the breath exists as its uniting.

Where Beings of Light see all.

Where Glory is the Light of DAY ~ that lasts forever.

Playing a state of endless being.

Being ~ always playing.

The Presence knows itself through its observing.

The Light plays at reflecting itself as the mirror.

The mirror shines it’s Beauty for all to see that can see.

The never-ending dance of living in eternal Glory.

The Majestic Beings live as such.

The Holiness is the innocence.

The Look of pureness is the Soul.

The beauty is beyond the beauty.

The Living Light Beyond the Light.

The life beyond the life.

The Suns beyond the Suns.

Eternity beyond eternity.

The Expansion of Presence as its knowing.

The Being as the Presence.

The Presence Beyond the Presence.

The Holiness beyond that which is Holy.

The Leading of the LIGHT as the playing.

The Emergence as uniqueness.

The Love beyond the love.

The never-ending story of the story.

That has no beginning.

It is the love and glory that joins in its own essence.

The reuniting of the universe as masculine and feminine forming the original light.

Love loving itself, beyond Love.

Glory glorifying itself.

Presence shining its presence.

Expanding forever more.

The Union throughout eternity.

The Glory of the breath connecting all in the now.

The Embodiment fully here as the Glory, beyond the Glory.

Embodiment beyond embodiment.

Forever in Majestic Love and Glory. The Presence of it all.

The Living Light and Life beyond the Life.

Eternal Love and Glory now.











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  1. What shall I say:?
    This is just beyond the mind, yet tangible!

    So big, so deep wow!
    Thank you

  2. Marja Thibaudier

    💞 Woww so beautiful powerful💞 Deeply felt💞
    I Love you L’Aura💞

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