Your Divine Presence, Your Awareness and Living as A Being of Light

The New Divine Humanity

Being centered in your Heart ~ feeling Bliss and Joyful Feelings ~ are the result of laser focused AWARENESS in your DIVINE Presence.

When there is a shift to thoughts of DOUBTS ~ leading to the process of recognizing fear that still exists within our own consciousness as active energetic thought patterns. We begin to recognize ~ the difference ~ between being present and not being present.

This is not to say ~ you have complete control over your thoughts. Or whether you are aware of being present or not. Aware of thoughts or not.

Mastery does exists ~ through the TRUE realization ~ of what thoughts and emotions are. Through the observing of the process you are experiencing.

Understanding the impact of not Being AWARE of What process one is in ~ may bring one to the place where surrender, becomes the NEW automatic conscious RESPONSE, to all that…

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  1. ~ Dear L~Aura ~!~
    ~ Could n’ would you, Please n’ Peace, be so kind n’ switch free,
    my Christmas~New Year Wishes posted to ALL at your very lightfull Blog ~!!!~
    ( Sended yesterday on Holy Night )
    ~ With kind Regards ~

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