Loving your Ego ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Unconditional Love is just that, UNCONDITIONAL Love.

Judging your ego when it arises is 3D consciousness. Your Transformation and your position in your Ascension is asking you to enter true unconditional love.

Your Higher Frequencies now being activated, as you receive these downloads, hourly and now. Is Beatific, Glorious. The Glorious Divine Higher Self you.

What happens though when your frequency drops?

When you experience fear. When you are angry. When THINGS Arise that are in the process of clearing through LOVE?

Are you upset with yourself? Do you want only the high vibrations and resist and judge your lower states of consciousness. Your Ego?

The ONLY way through this, is through this, and THAT WAY is unconditional love. You to You.  

This is a Practise from moment to moment. YOU are going through this ~ ALLOWING more and more. Makes this process easier and easier. As you Transform.

There is JOY living through the consciousness of unconditional Love.

There is NO joy in the Ego.

However, it ALL unfolds and arises as guided through your Blueprint. These are the  levels you are going through. Which activates and deactivates, based on your Life Plan and Destiny.

There is no bypassing the PROCESS. The process is a moment to moment experience.  In the letting go of ALL judgment, in perceiving things NOT as you desire them, YOURSELF not acting as you want to. THIS is there to be LOVED.

So you judged yourself, now you are upset for judging the ego, What do you do?

LOVE that too.

Enter the space within yourself where you have COMPLETELY let go.

And of course that is a process, so you love the lower frequency you.

You love the judgments.

YOU observe and you love YOURSELF as best you can ~ as you go along.

You remember, OVER AND OVER.

You do not judge yourself for forgetting.

YOU love and have compassion on your periods of being in your ego, YOU love and have compassion on judging yourself.

It is ONLY through this process that you enter 5th Dimensional Consciousness, through the application of LOVE YOU to YOU. That is 5th Dimensional Consciousness. In 5th Dimensional consciousness you go through the process of greater and greater clarity. Of mind, of heart and Soul. Here on Earth.

It is WITHIN and it is you to you.

As you transform through letting go, loving yourself, opening and receiving MORE AND MORE you transform not only your inner reality but are part of the entire transformation of the Collective. The first wave of Ascension.

IT REQUIRES self-love.

Love the fear within you.

You love the pain within you.

You love your ego.

This LOVE that is true is the UNION of Love, within you.

The Process is unfolding perfectly by your Higher Self. TRUST as much as possible, if you do not trust this process LOVE THAT ALSO.

The consciousness of your FORM, 3D. The consciousness of your Higher Self. The DIMENSIONS then UNIFY.

Your Consciousness then become the MARRIAGE of SPIRIT and MATTER = Your Ascension. Your Mastery. Your Ascended Master form on planet Earth. The New Earth.

The New Divine Humanity.

The FULLY Cycle and return to the BEGINNING.

And so it is, Love is the only answer and it is within you already.

I am holding you in this transformation NOW though this activation and every hour.

YOUR Ascension, your Abundance, Your Miracles, Your Alchemy.

Rejoicing now in the Beatific Glory of All That is ~ The Original Ancient Activations of the Elohim, existing on MU ~ as the Divine Human Species. here we Are. Unified and Glorified, through LOVE. True Love. PRESENT NOW.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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  1. I dreamed I was carrying sticks, to build something, in a road.
    And I get to a place where there was someone overseeing the blueprint.
    My higher self is letting me know that I’m collaborating now.
    And also that the plan is not on my hands.
    And I thanks to understand. And for the synchronicities with your guidence always💖

  2. Thanks L’Aura that was most helpful, Love you and thanks for all the help

  3. Thank you with Love 🙂

  4. Thank you
    Eternal love

  5. Yes!! A new way of Being!

  6. Loving the judgments…..that would be a good one to flesh out. No one’s written much on THAT one……loving the judgments.

  7. Marja Thibaudier

    💛So very beautiful and Sacred💛 Adore this and You💛Thank you

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