Merging the Consciousness of Matter with Your Higher Self


5th Dimensional Consciousness, matter, the subconscious and memory. Our Data bank of memory is held in the inner computer of our Soul.

Our Blueprint.

This is about existing in the future timeline FULLY as the Ascended 5th Dimensional YOU ~ You as your God Self! Divine Self! Now consciously.

The stored memories are either positively or negatively charged responses of consciousness. This is the same energy just at different frequencies of polarity.

When the link is dissolved from all past memories of either good or bad responses   we have a clear Blueprint and are functioning in the moment, in a new world.

We experience a new world and see everything differently because our inner computer is now free from all past reactive states. In this clear state, we fully unite with our Higher Self and exist  in a new Dimension.

Your eternal Higher Self (or God Self, whatever you want to call “IT”) exists in a DIFFERENT dimension than the consciousness of your form in 3D.

It does not experience things as negative or positive.

The reactive states and memories are held in the subconscious where they appear to the conscious mind as hidden.

Consciousness never sleeps.

24 hours each day your consciousness is functioning through you. There is no difference between the daytime communication system with your Soul and the nighttime sleep state communication with your Soul.

Your Higher Self  never sleeps.

Your Ascension is a shift of consciousness as matter in 3D  that experiences itself in a new frequency dimension.

This changes the consciousness of your form, that sees itself DIFFERENTLY through the eyes of your Higher Self existing as one in a Higher Frequency Dimension.

These dimensions already exist. You exist there already.

We are taking matter form one dimension (body, form, DNA, consciousness) that functioned through polarity consciousness and UNITING and Marrying it with the consciousness of your Higher Self, Divine Self, God Self.

Our forms are evolving.

Our form is consciousness and representative of the consciousness that we function through. Through the dimension we function through.

Freedom from reactive states. Freedom from perceived limitations of consciousness. WE are experiencing what MATTER really is.

What consciousness really is.

What it symbolizes.  What dimensions are.

We are learning the new communication. Understanding the dimensions, consciousness, DNA and all matter.

We are stepping into the DIMENSION that merges all awareness.

Where are God Self becomes the New Human. Where the old passes away and the NEW becomes new. Even though it was always present. Our consciousness was expanding to consciously CONVERGE with it.

So now, relax and breathe deeply.

Feel your breath. Your breath is consciousness and it links you to all of your Soul experiences in all dimensions.

It links you to now. Where they all exist.

Feel this, and breathe slowly.

My consciousness as my Ascended Self is fully activated now, within my Blueprint. (feel)

All reactive memories of good and bad are now cleared. (feel)

I see, feel and experience myself in this Higher Dimension now. (feel)

This now integrates deeply within all dimensions and timelines now as the NEW ME. The Ascended me. The Divine Me. (feel)

I live in the Glory of my Higher Self. (feel)

It is complete, I am One, with my God Self. Now. (feel)

And so it is! More Soon! I love You Divine Angels of Light!

Lights Of Human Mind

Eternal Love and Bliss!

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  1. 💛🧡Thank you always🧡I love you💛

  2. It is all unfolding perfectly. It is all part of the process!! 💞💞💞

  3. How do I do just some? Activations? I end up sleeping all the time. Now with none…I cant sleep at night.
    Got to be a stable. Ive got to find the activations that work for me. Why Im like this…so sensitive.

  4. God bless you for forever and ever and ever…. ENDLESSLY LOVELY STARLIGHT LAURA. Thank you so much ❤💎❤

  5. yes, yes, yes…indeed. xoxoxo

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