The Symbolic Nature of Form and Reality

The New Divine Humanity

Everything is symbolic of its energy frequency.

The room that you are in, the chair, the couch in that room, is  a symbolic energy form of the energy of the objects symbolism.

A chair, the energy frequency of sitting, relaxing. Or of not being relaxing, if the chair is uncomfortable to sit in.

A room, a bedroom, a living room. ALL are symbolic of what the energy is representing ~ WHAT IT IS.

A bed, the energy is symbolic of love, intimacy, sacred quarters. Or sleep, or lack of sleep, according to your own perceptions of its meaning and its results.

The body ~ different parts are symbolic of its use, or lack of use, or lack of what you desire.  Or of gratitude as the vehicle that you use, while walking through your life experiences.

Your life is symbolic, how you dress, the make up you put on or…

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  1. Node :
    ~ Urgent in Relation To the Speziel Messages from 25. Nov. …
    ~ Mothers Joy and How You Can Be of Simple Service … n’
    ~ MOM’s Joy Has Stopped Bringing It Back

  2. ~ For ~ MOTHERGODDESS 8 ~ MOTHER of ALL CREATION request/s/ed ~!!!~
    ~ Love Has ~ Blog ~ 5 D Daily Updates ~ (Urgent )
    ~ Please n’ Peace ~ Go ~*ON* ~Line ~
    ~ With best Wishes ~
    Node : I’ve wrote a Comment at the Full Moon Picture from 14. Nov.
    (click Home when you interrested in ) about
    a very nice Event (here in Germany visible) last Saturday Evenin til’ Night.
    Scorpio into Saggittarius
    ~ There was a huge white Ring surround the GODDESS MOON with white large Rays …
    irradiate …

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