Deciphering The Symbolic Language of the Soul ~ While Dreaming Awake


This is an Activation!

The symbolic language of matter as consciousness is the symbolism I am referring to. This is the communication through symbols, inherent within the matter of consciousness, itself.  

These codes are the language of the Soul and the Subconscious.

All MATTER consists of this Language.

All Language is Consciousness. All Matter is Consciousness.

The marrying of consciousness and matter, is the purpose of the deciphering of this subconscious language. To bring this awareness to the CONSCIOUSNESS held as the awareness of  every day reality.

Becoming actively AWARE that there is no difference in the Dreamtime of the daytime and the Dreamtime of the night-time sleep, is fundamentally a part of the future timeline of the New Communication.

The chair as an example was created as the consciousness representing (decided by the observer) as either negative or positive. Relaxation or laziness, etc.

All matter (as mentioned in my earlier post) is CONSCIOUSNESS.

Which are the symbols which decipher its meaning, either negative or positive.

These data responses are then stored in the subconscious mind of the observer which is held  as symbolic language in the inner computer of consciousness.

Within any matter is the potential of its opposite to be experienced.

When there is love, hate may also be experienced. It is the same energy, just the opposite ends of polarity.

Back to dreaming awake and bringing the subconscious language to the acknowledged dream state of being awake during the day.

Begin to look at the symbolic consciousness with all the things around you. Your house, what does it represent to you. Love? Warmth? Or is  it something else. Does the home represent disappointment. Consciously connect with the consciousness of the house, as if it were made of the same consciousness as you.

It is there as the REPRESENTATIVE of the language of consciousness and the SOUL. Your consciousness your Soul. Communicate with the symbols of consciousness that you have brought into your awareness.

They are there for a reason. Everything is there for a reason. Your keys, your wallet. Your loosing things or finding things. It is the Language of your Soul speaking to you through these symbols of matter that is consciousness.

Just as you would decipher a dream during your night.

Walk around deciphering EVERYTHING that is in your environment.

What happens during your day.

What is it showing you? What is it communicating to you?

This may be a lot to take in right away. So begin looking around and acknowledging the consciousness in matter.

When we live in a beautiful environment we have many dimensions around us of consciousness, that elevate our experience in the moment and represent to us, what beauty is. For some this may be experienced more in a work place, or a vehicle. What is the meaning of that, then to you? In a car? Beauty only exists in freedom? Or I bring beauty with me everywhere I go?

Remembering always, your data may hold positive or negative ends of the frequency pole related to the consciousness of certain aspects of matter.

The great news is the memory banks of your subconscious WHEN Merged with your everyday REALITY of the dream state, is potentially UP for complete transformation.

These first stages of merging realities of subconscious and the conscious mind is an activation to wake up permanently. To WHAT this Earth is. To why you are here. To what matter is. And to how you can change your response to matter and therefore change matter itself. Which you also are. You are a symbol of consciousness that is unique, here to become all that you know you are.

To become more loving. More evolved. To understand why you hold certain meanings to matter and therefore CHANGE the MEMORY to what you desire!

Yes I did write that. YOU can change your MEMORY.

More Soon Beloved Angels!


Eternal Love and Ecstasy!

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