Calling the Future into Now ~ Activating your Higher Consciousness


Please take some deep breaths. This is an Activation of Light Codes. Cosmic Codes. That will awaken deep within you, the Higher Self You and the experiences that are part of the EXPANDED consciousness YOU existing already in those dimensions.

This will Activate them in your Blueprint. Now. The processing and integration will begin immediately. Read slowly, read many times.

All exists in the Present Moment. Before you incarnated Your Destiny was created. Your consciousness attuned to one way of being, call it 3D call it whatever you want, is the playing out of certain experiences that exist in that dimension.

When you are fully Attuned to 5th Dimensional Consciousness and Higher, call it your Higher Self, God Self, or whatever you like. You experience those experiences which are your Destiny, created before you incarnated.

This may appear in what you refer to as the future. What it is really is the ASPECT of consciousness of YOU that exists in that dimension already.

So, as you expand in consciousness, your EXPERIENCES change.

The clearing and healing are making the space in consciousness that allows the NEW YOU (which includes the new experiences of life, relationships, money, etc.) to emerge as your new reality.

The Life you desire, if it is not something you are experiencing NOW, is awaiting your arrival, your acceptance, the clearing, the healing (through love) and the expansion of your consciousness SO that it SHOWS UP. Merges in the NOW (the expanded consciousness you) which then is the newly embodied LIFE you have waited for.

It was waiting for YOU to expand into it.

It always existed.

The YOU in 3D and the you in 5th dimensional consciousness, are versions of consciousness that you exist in through experiences. that INCLUDE the experience of those dimensions. These all were created before you incarnated.

There are no mistakes.

In 3D consciousness we want to create something that is not here. To fulfill a desire. That is more of 3D consciousness. And also exists as the experiences of you in 3D.

The you in 5th Dimensional Consciousness is the expanded you, that experiences the destiny of 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

IT IS YOUR making space (in consciousness for its expansion)  through the clearings, healing and love) that is the graduation so to speak, of 3D into the welcoming new life of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. And beyond.

The Life of your dreams, and the desires you have for it, is the recognition of the expanded you in 5th Dimensional Consciousness that deep within your blueprint you KNOW exists.

Your desire is the KNOWING it already exists. It is part of your initiation and letting go of 3D that HELPS you to MERGE with the NEW reality of YOU in 5th Dimensional Consciousness already.

I Acknowledge, all the many dimensions of me, and the experiences associated with those dimensions, were created by my Soul before incarnating into form on Planet Earth.

ALL that I “Desire” is the acknowledgment (and SIGN) that my future expanded 5th Dimensional Self (and the experiences and destiny in that dimension)  is MERGING with me and arriving in the NOW.

The Future and expanded me, Merges in my Present reality.

This is why I have DESIRED IT. It is a process of consciousness expansion I already agreed to.

With that merging arrives the Destiny already set for me, in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.(what I have deeply desired)

As I shift into this, the clearing process becomes part of MY recognition and gratitude to all that the 3D aspect of me, has learned and experienced, that has brought me to NOW.

That is, to the process of expansion that ALIGNS with the 5th Dimensional ME, that this as my DESTINY, was always FOR.

My expansion and Ascension into the 5th Dimensional consciousness (which competes 3D consciousness) has taught me that I can live a greater more expanded fulfilled and Loving life.

I accept that  I already exist in the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

I am ready for my ego to be fully integrated into my Higher Consciousness. And that this expansion through integration is the opening that gives the ROOM and Space for my HIGHER Self me, to live fully in my FORM.

My cells and DNA receive these Light Codes now.

I am integrating all aspects of the FUTURE ME existing in 5th Dimensional Consciousness with my cellular consciousness now. As I receive these Light Codes. 

I AM Fully aligning with my Destiny in 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

I am ready for my Magnificence as my 5th Dimensional Self to shine through ME.

This is Activated in my Blueprint NOW.

All the Light Codes fully activated, I breathe and RECEIVE.

I breathe this in and I am grateful for this integration.

I am grateful for all that has brought me to NOW.

I am Fully Aligned.

I am aligning with the FUTURE expanded CONSCIOUSNESS me that lives in 5th Dimensional Consciousness NOW.

The Destiny I live as my Higher Self is fully activated in the present moment.

I am Aligning with my New Reality. My Expanded Higher Self reality.

I live as the LIGHT of my Highest Self.

I live as my most miraculous Destiny now. I integrate this fully.

Fully grateful for all the experiences that have brought me to here.

I AM Light.

I Am fulfilled.

I Am Expanded.

I Am aligned with my Higher 5th Dimensional Self.

I receive this activation. Activating My Future Destiny (most magnificent self) INTO all of my Cells and DNA.

Into NOW.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

And so it is. All Grace and Divine Love, in the perfection and Glory of All That is, Now.

Living Union

Eternal Love and Bliss!

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  1. Thanks very much new things are presenting awareness without interpretations is helping Love you Quin thanks

  2. Oh my heart is jumping and a full of joy is all around in my soul. This is so wonderful lovely starsoul. God bless you today and always💚💙💜

  3. Oh thank you so much lovely soul❤😍❤

  4. Magical blessings of Profound Divine Light!! Always!

  5. ❤ ❤ Grateful Thanks ❤ ❤

  6. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Now. Light and Love poeticstarlight❤

  7. sharon lindsley

    Wow! Beautiful and Powerful!

  8. L’Aura, I am a bit a loss for words. I am feeling like I am floating, all of me buzzing. I adore all of your activations, but this, for me, is one of the most powerful yet. Thank you so much!! Yes, I will read it again, breathing and receiving. I love you!! ❤️

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