Loving Money, Loving 3D ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



Unconditional Love is just that. Unconditional. When we speak of out politicians, our banking system, education. Are we Holding those things in unconditional love?

Now Pure love is Pure Love.

We do not have to like what we love. In fact, the part not doing the liking is the voice of 3D energetically itself. Whatever voice could it be?

The Higher Self does not think the way 3D consciousness does (whew isn’t that great news) instead it Loves. It ~ is actually in a state of bliss and peace. This state is a beautiful state of being that exist in NON Judgement.

That is right, non judgement.

And what does none judgement and unconditional love have to do with money, you may wonder?


When we move consciously in 5th Dimensional consciousness we enter non judgement and unconditional love.

With so many hating this and that, it may be challenging to imagine living in such a magical state of consciousness.

The great news is it is NATURAL.

Everything is a REFLECTION of God Source.

In 3D, the sense were so drawn into the STORY, that it forgot it was the ONE emanating the Live feed. And forgot even, that there was a director. One guiding the ship, so to speak. That of course is your Higher Self.  It does not care, what you call it. Whatever you NAME that part of you, is perfect for you. It is the DIVINE You!

Back to money. With all the fear surrounding it, and the grasping to get it in 3D, through the 3D consciousness of LACK. It may seem crazy to Love the one thing you have had such a battle with. It really is more crazy not to love everything in your life.

Loving yourself. Loving the politicians. Loving the 3D system, is WHAT….are you ready, SHIFTS the ENTIRE system. LOVE.

Loving money is the same as loving the food you eat. The clothes you wear. The sustenance you receive from the SUN. The air you breathe.

So many want to do away with food. Do away with money. What really shifts things is gratitude and LOVE.

Love the money you have. Appreciate it. Value it for what it provides for you. If you feel a lack of it or the need to hoard it, LOVE it. Love the part of you that feels lack. That is afraid of money. That hates money. That is in a love hate relationship with it.

Love it and value it.

That is, if you really want to APPLY 5th dimensional consciousness to IT. Your Higher Self (God Self, “it”) does not have a bias towards money, it SIMPLY LOVES.

Love 3D also. ALL of it. Love does not have to mean like. LOVE is the PRESENCE of YOUR HIGHER SELF.

IT transforms everything WHEN Applied. In other words, you need to USE your Higher Self. Test it OUT. It is with you all the time anyway. Maybe you haven’t noticed as much as you would like to. MAYBE you will notice when you get out-of-the-way and ALLOW your Higher Self to show you HOW “IT” loves everything.

Then, you will find all that you love not only transforms, but comes to YOU.

Love is the POWER my Beloved Angels. It is the very power of the SUN. Of Life. Of Breath. OF having the great HONOUR to be here on Earth.

The Joy is in the living. The Being. Let go of your concerns, place them on the back burner and allow your HIGHER Self the front row seat of your life.

Then, the miracles you desire and the transformation is what you will observe constantly. As 5th dimension is WHERE it is AT. Really.

Freedom from suffering, love. Miracles. Joy. Abundance. Sign me up, you say. Well you are SIGNED UP.  When you incarnated. You ARE HERE.

Your Higher Self is here. So Love.

Get those inner demons cleansed with the Love of your Heart.

Set those relationships straight, through love. You with you. You with everything you have experiences with. Now is the time. It has always been. Test this OUT. Step back, allow your Higher Self to Love all the situations in your life.

Then, you see. You Enter fully into the Beauty and Love of 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Where only love and abundance exist. The great part is, it exists already. It is just waiting for your deep and full entry. And so it is. Apply and Practise. All Now.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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  1. Yes! ❤ Thank You ❤ L'Aura ❤

  2. Great Post dear and beloved Angel. ❤ ❤ I Love you ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    On July 4 listening very intently Supreme Light, I saw no human being with a big white face, also suddenly I saw a baby, chubby and azulito who was carrying someone.
    Today I was in my room so I have been a cold and alone listening to your transmission Opening Deeper Portals to your Ascension … and sat on the bed and suddenly felt a hand touch my hip.
    Your eyes speak for themselves, each I see them I shudder and feel you deep inside me.
    I already feel better and I can do the best meditation.

  3. excellent….crystalline

  4. Marja Thibaudier

    ❤️Love all ❤️So very Sacred❤️ Thank you I Love you❤️

  5. Thank You!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  6. I Luv You L’Aura… Namaste’

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