Engulfed in the Love of your Heart ~ The Courageous Path


Trusting your Soul, the Love that is present, even when it makes no sense, is the path of courage. The courage to bypass appearances. The courage to trust your Soul. The courage to live in your Heart.

Your Heart Love is always present. Your Soul is always present. To listen and live consciously through your heart. To make choices based on your heart. Is a rare thing.

Life on earth in the 3D way is backwards.

You Look for proof first. You want to know the results first. It is all based on a future that does not exist.

Living in the present moment. Listening to your heart. Trusting that as the Source of your foundation in life, that has nothing to do with appearances, is the relinquishing of control. Control and the grip of attachment. Attachment to results. Attachment to knowing the best way. Attachment to the 3D way.

When you live in the moment, you live in the highest of highest Love.

You live in the world of Dreams come true. The Dreams of the Heart that trusts. The dream of the love that knows no boundaries. The love that knows not limitation. That does not look to the world of appearances for its strength. But to the love, the Heart of the Soul that never gives up. That always follows the heart.

This may be a lonely path.

A path many do not understand.

Yet, it is the one and only true path that leads to the victory of the embodiment of the Soul in form. The Being the Ascended being. The master. True to the inner truth and love, that lives there. Present. Trusting. Knowing what is true is not before the eyes.

The enduring truth of Love lives within the heart. Being true to that, one experiences being engulfed in a love and glory that exists beyond this world. Is embodying true love in form.

Trusting Pure Love. Trusting the Highest of Highest Love.

The love and truth of the enduring Eternal Love. The Eternal Truth. The eternal Soul.

Engulfed in pure love has nothing to do with what you think you want. It is nothing like planning for a future you want. It is nothing like the judging mind, deciding if this or that is better.

It just is.

It is pure, not based on anything. It exists. When you tap into this, you have accessed the true enduring treasure chest of Love. Of your Soul. It does not judge as right or wrong. It is the state of the Highest Love. The Highest Glory. The Highest courage. That stands on its own as Pure Love.

It may look the opposite of attainment, of looking good.

Pure love does not need someone else to fulfill the Love.

It is complete.

It is Being engulfed in the Heart. In Pure Love.

It is the Glory of God.

The Beatific Glory. That does not question. That does not seek. That does not live by appearances.

The Only rests, in the Pure Heart.

It does not want recognition. It lives in courage because that is the way of the Heart.

It just is, to be it. To be Love. To be Glory. To be Heaven on Earth.

To Live engulfed in the Heart is the Magnificent Glory of All That is.

Trusting your Heart, not based on anything external, is trusting Your Soul. That path, is the Masters path. The Ascended Being Path. Which is the embodiment fully and consciously of All That is.

Full trust in your Soul. Letting go of all appearances as proof and validation.

Living in Your Heart. Living as the Divine Presence. Here in form.

Engulfed in the Love of your Heart.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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copyright L’Aura Pleiadian~ Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2016.


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  1. i love you posting and en gratitude L’Aura

  2. Reading this beautiful activation this morning made me teary, touching my heart so deeply. Thank you so much, L’Aura. Forever grateful. I love you!! 💖😇💖

  3. Marja Thibaudier

    ❤️I Trust my Heart and Soul❤️ Thank you so much L’Aura❤️ So Sacred❤️Love you❤️

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