Changing the Time Space Continuum ~ Consciously Embodying Light



You as Light. Everything is Light. You are light. All that appears solid within you, is simply a network of interlacing Light particles, joined by loosely fitting threads of lights.

This Light is Source.

This Light is Eternal.

This Light is Divine.

This Light is Love.

Your consciousness inhabiting your form, emanates through your Light Body, into this time space continuum. This current time space continuum, appears to be limited by space and time.

The expansion of your consciousness into the conscious embodiment of Light, as Light, takes you out of this time space continuum. Out of perceived density and limitation.

The form you inhabit in 3D appears solid. The same form (your vehicle of consciousness) in higher frequency dimensions, appears only as Light.  You exist in all dimensions all at once.

Yet your consciousness, appears to be catching up, with the reality that occurs beyond time and space, yet lives also within it. As there is nowhere you do not exist. As Light, that is.

You consciously connected with the Light Body you in higher frequency forms, is the duplicate of what appears as you in a solid form. Consciously participating in your transformation of consciousness opens you up to all possibilities. Landing consciously, so to speak, in a different time space continuum, is an option.

Existing in a different time space continuum than the one you believe you are in now.

Understand every thought you have, impacts the whole.

Every feeling.

Every level of awareness you embody, IMPACTS all of you. This includes YOU in other worlds, universes, paralleled worlds, different time frames, and the many parallel versions of those different time frames.

The  new time space continuum that you may begin to embody consciously, may be a you in a parallel world. One similar to this.

It is through your Light Body that begin to visit these parallel worlds.

When you consciously inhabit your Light Body, and consciously travel to another time space continuum, whether perceived past (Atlantis as an example) or a future timeline, you change here.

I have visited consciously many parallel worlds and exist simultaneously in many, worlds, many existences, All At once.

When I consciously focus on fully being in a form in a parallel world, or different time space continuum, when I shift my awareness back to here (which appeared vanished while fully embodying another form in another world) things change here.Things  Shift here as a result of shifting the frequency there.

Your embodiment of your frequency, impacts all that you look upon, focus upon and is continuously signalling to the many versions of you, the information as Light that you are processing and functioning through as your frequency.

Focus on you as Light. Because you are. Focus on you and your form as Light. Focus on this Light being love, because it is.

Many of you I have met in parallel worlds and I have welcomes you into one or several of the Temples of Light I exist in.

Now the shift in your consciousness, is the expansion of your awareness. That takes place through the releasing of all of your stories, and attachments. Which allows you to connect more deeply with the Light You.

Which is your freedom to the worlds of Light within you. In which you as Light, embody. This Light is your Divine Light.

This Light is your Original Light.

This Light is Source.

This Light is Eternal.

This Light is Divine.

This Light is Unconditional Love.

In this Sacred Light I hold you. In the Hourly Activation “Divine Ascended Being” you are held in the Origin of All Light, that you are.

You receive frequencies of Light, that your DNA being to resonate with.  This Light is the eternal Light, the Divine Light. The Source Light, that you are. That you are beginning to consciously, VIBRATE AS.  That is the Divine You, The Eternal You and the Ascended You, Being. Fully embodying the Light that you are.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




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  1. With Love I’d like to say Thank you once again 🙂

  2. your Love is so helpfull ! Eager to meet YOU

  3. 💛 I didn’t went there physically 🙂 just imagining it. To clear the fear of what was 💛

  4. Thank you💛
    I went to my past, visiting a place were I felt lost and in suffering.
    Instead I felt now, this place, while Im walking into the entire building, completely different.
    Reflecting how I’m not, vibrating my body, movements of dance, the music I was listening… pure joy and laughing.
    I love you L’Aura 💛

  5. Holding you in love! Angel! 💜💜

  6. The work You do is invaluable. Thank You!

  7. excellent stuff, very clear and practical

  8. so amazing~~~we are just light!! thank you ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. So profound and beautiful! I am so grateful to you for the love and truth you share. I love you!

  10. Marja Thibaudier

    💞Sacred Light💞 Thank you L’Aura💞 Amazing💞 Love you💞

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