Observing as The Act of Creation “Itself”

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As you Move more deeply aware of All That you Are, As the “All That You Experience” as your experience, through your Conscious Observations of Yourself ~ Breathe deeply into the Love, Breathe Deeply into Your Heart.

Pause, Slow Down and Breathe, as you move CONSCIOUSLY into the awareness ofย All That you Are, therefore, recognizing also, that as your awareness deepens, you become aware of yourself, ย as the OBSERVATIONS of YOURSELF to Yourself ~ in and as The experience OF:

All that you Are Creating.ย That Your Observations and Your Creations are One. And That they are You.ย 

Simply Breathe. Pause and Relax. Be Present. Let’s explore together Consciousness. Remember to be Conscious of your Breath, as you Read, explore, go deeper, into YOU.

“How” are You Observing Yourself?

When you Notice this is this way or that way, are YOU aware that you are creating it AS YOU ARE OBSERVING this and that?

Do you know yourself SO WELL that you are conscious of this Creation Process that you are so intimately involved in, called your life?

You Look here, you Look there, and you RECOGNIZE in the Looking here and there, you are creating the here and there.

The Very Process of Observing your life, your self, your experience, as this way or that way, is THE VERY CREATION OF IT.

The Beliefs you Hold as you Observe yourself, are What you Observe.

Have you Gone really Deep into the Depths of You?

If you Want to experience Something New, and experience yourself as New, CHANGE how you OBSERVE yourself. Change your Beliefs and Change How you Observe EVERYTHING in your LIFE.

Bring your Conscious Awareness TO YOUR OBSERVATIONS of Yourself, Your Life, Your Reactions, Your Beliefs. And recognize it is YOU creating this and that, as YOU OBSERVE IT.

This allows you to consciously accept your moment to moment awareness of yourself, as the Creation Process, that your perceptions of It, provide for you to experience.

So where do you go from here?

Simply Breathe into the Depths of Pure Being, and as you do so, FREE Yourself from anything that isn’t Flow, Joy and the Ecstasy of Simply Experiencing as the Observation of Yourself.

In this TRUE Observation of how this is this, and How it is constantly Changing, your recognize, that it has always been So, you are simply Now seeing, the true Nature, of Flow, of Life, of Creation and the Sacred Beauty, of All That Is.

You CAN know you, which frees you from ANY sense of being Alone, because you can KNOW YOURSELF.

Isn’t that truly what you have Always Longed for? To Know and experience and Observe, you are present for YOU.

In the Longing, always is the Connection. It is the Source of the Connection. The Yearning of the Experience, is the Nature and the Substance of the Experience.

Observe the Longing is Not the Separation of ANYTHING, it is the Connection to the Desire, which is it, within You.

As you Hold this Sacred New Level of Awareness, that is the Observation of Yourself, ย You to You, know that the Freedom that unfolds, as you stand in the Absolute Truth of your experience, is the Knowing of Yourself, and all the Mysteries and Doorways, to and as ALL That You Desire.

Breathing in the Love, Breathing out the Love, Being the Love, in the Absolute Pureness of That which you Are.

Is there more? Is there less? Is life that simple?

Your Observations ~ MAKE IT SO.

I love you Dear Souls! I hold you deeply in the Love, that you so deeply Are, and in the Victory of Life and Living, as the Changeable flow, therefore Changeless Flow, of All That Is.

Let this truth, show more and more if Itself to You, as “that which” you Observe.

I Am The Pistis Sophia, I Am The Light of All That is. I Hold you Eternally in My Heart, in The Sacred Eternal Love and Eternal Light of Victory, That I Am. I Am Victoria Elohim! I Am!



I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!



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