The Inner Change = The Changed Life

LauraPleaiadianThe Inner Change = The Changed Life. 

Do you desire this? TRULY desire a changed Life?  If so, Please read on, and have a pen and paper nearby. You will be making notes as to How you feel about your identity and who you are. Later on you may see yourself differently. You may begin to see patterns of beliefs you attached to “as your” identity, which were simply not true, simply a series of responses, to which you can now be free from. Enjoy this Process offered here! I will be writing many books on this subject!

I will go over Surrender, Attachments, reactions, karmic traces, and identity in this blog post.

Do you Desire to surrender. Do you wonder what the result will be, if you do Surrender?Have you ever let go? Let go so fully and completely that everything changed right away as a result? Where seemingly out of nowhere, your life begins to change, as a result, of that surrender?

Key word to remember here is the “result” of your surrender.

The changed LIFE you so desire, occurs AFTER the change within. If you remember one thing after reading this, please remember the following.

A change within you =  a changed life.

A change within you may involve a  change in attitude, a changed belief, and a change of Heart.

Attitudes, Beliefs and a Change of Heart can all occur during the process of Surrendering. Life Altering Moments, are very possible for You. IN fact, when all things change, it is always the Result of a “specific” unique moment.

Those specific moments, are the result of the response of Your being in perfect fulfillment with your Soul plan, (that next part completed in front of you) and they ignite codes of light that are like  keys.

Sort of like, fitting in the puzzle pieces, when you get that final piece of the puzzle you are working on (life situation desiring to change) a light turns on, then when completed a door opens up and the next puzzle opens in front of you.

The next level of awareness, the removal of old patterns, leads to your expansion. Are you following me? Please read this many times, as it will awaken codes within you as well, memories, of your understanding.

That is the power of surrender.

It is the SINCERE desire of your Heart and Will to let go of (old patterns) Karmic traces.

Karmic traces are simply old patterns of “reactions” held in your ( DNA)  memory. This includes your subconscious mind.

Your identity, if you still living in the old patterns of suffering are unique “Attachments” that  you have identified as connected to “who you” are.

That is a Key here.  Unique Attachments you have identified as “connected” to “who you” are.

The identity you have (as your patterns of reaction) you have created and added to, through each incarnation you have experienced on Planet Earth, incarnating as human. The memory is held in your Blueprint and monitored after each incarnation, and through each incarnation, by your Soul. As a Soul you have a specific design, which is unique. You specific design is your unique Soul frequency.

This is why it will never work to become like someone else, or desire to be what someone else is.

Part of your Karmic traces, always leads back to, your full acceptance of who you are. That is what loving yourself is. Embracing who and what you truly Are. It starts with complete acceptance.

And Knowing or desiring to know, that your “worth” is not based on an outer identity.

Such labels ARE created through mass consciousness and societal norms.

Look deeply into these AREAS (listed below) and see where your identity may have “attachments” in them.

DO you feel better about yourself when you have a specific job?

Do you feel better about yourself when you make a certain amount of money?

You you feel better about yourself if you have a certain type of partner or relationship?

Do you feel better about yourself when you own things?

If so, then you have placed your value, on a false sense of identity.

Remember the beginning key word? “result”

The life you so desire is the RESULT of inner Change. Inner Change = Changed Life. When you love yourself fully and are free from attachments (that means karmic traces of emotional reactions) then the life of Your Dreams pours into your life.

You do understand this?  Do you feel the freedom in choosing to let go of old beliefs, attachments to identity (karmic memories, reactions) to freeing yourself from non acceptance of Yourself?

The Inner Change = The Changed Life.

Are you ready to surrender?

Begin by “seeing” (maybe for the first time) all the ways you have identified your worth, to outer appearances. Make a list! Write it down. Be honest with yourself.

Then begin a daily practise, start with small things to surrender.

Listen to my Audio Surrender invocation WHEN you have YOUR list and Notes READY! How else can you watch the results of what I am asking you to do here?

So ponder these things, start a journal, make some notes, you are WORTH it! Your Freedom from suffering is worth it!  Then begin daily, listening to the Surrender Invocation.

If you have health concerns, add listening to my “Healing” Transmission twice daily. If you would like to receive daily help, join the group I have created for you to receive wherever you are, a Daily Transmission, for your Healing and Your Shift to Perfect Union.

I have included more helpful links below.

Now is the time, this is 2014! Your time to be free, to be all that You Are! And to shift fully with the Light of Your Eternal Soul! I love you!

Energy of Human Mind


I Surrender Audio Invocation!


I Surrender Invocation in Writing!


“Healing” Frequency Transmission!

In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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  1. Can say to you somethings changes, is not a list, but there is a shift. Thank you dear Laura, love you

  2. Laura, I love your surrender invocation and have made it a nearly daily practice. However, I have tackled bigger things and gone on too quickly to something else. Thank you for this blog. I’ve created my list. So much love and gratitude.

  3. Wonderful post! Acceptance, surrender! Yes to it all. I desire to peel it all away until the authentic me is revealed and loved in it’s entirety! Will need to read this more than once for sure! xo!!

  4. Thank you Laura – that was such a perfect description of what this process is like for me – and it’s never-ending – there seem to always be more expectations and beliefs I didn’t know I held until I run into them. I am so appreciating the Surrender Invocation – my Soul’s desire for freedom has been super charged by this Invocation. Thank you SO much for all you are. Love always,

  5. Thank you dear Laura, you are how a sun for me, love you

  6. This is great Laura. You are great in making us great. ❤

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