Love, Karmic Traces (memory) and Mastering Duality


Important Note on Falling in Love, Karmic Traces (memory responses) and True Love!

There is a lot of FALSE information out there about Falling in Love and Romance, most of the information is BASED on DUALITY and DRAMA.

For many the “high” and the drama of falling in love, is in fact THE block to TRUE Love. And for many, when the falling in love stage, is over, the relationship ends.

What goes up, must come down!!!

When one has mastered Duality, there no longer is the SAME need or desire for drama and the resulting fluctuation of Emotions.

For many these ups and downs (dramatic duality) are the “addictions” of grasping,  and they create a vicious cycle or pattern that appears hard to be free from.

Those “addictions” are karmic traces, memories that are repeatedly played out,  until one is free from identity attachment.

The karmic traces (memories) continue to be triggered as response patterns (unconsciously) in duality. Until one becomes conscious of Ones consciousness through focused attention.

In freedom, there is a flowing, state of Being, that is NO LONGER influenced by OUTER events, or triggered by them.

The Love is Felt and experienced WITHIN.
And shared, and FREELY Given.

In the Higher state of Being, Love simply is and flows. No thing or person, can influence or change that state of Being.

In other words, This Pure STATE of Being is the FOUNDATION for TRUE Relationship!!!

Before Mastery in Duality, there is the coming and going of emotions and dramatic responses (as Karmic traces, memory)  that is a Basic IDENTITY Attachment.

Two PEOPLE who are fully open in their HEART in True Love (for self first, one cannot give what one does not experience first) who have mastered Duality, together, ARE the MOST powerful Force, as it is ETERNAL UNION, what they are experiencing in the here Now (first separately then together) while on earth.

Don’t look for that DRAMATIC, if you are entering into new relationships, instead look for TRUTH, Honesty, Integrity, and Loyalty.

If you do not value those things, YOU will not Like those values in others.
Instead you will go for the drama, the HIGH, the Thrill.

If you are CONSTANTLY suffering in relationships, the ups and downs and the feeling OF loss when the attachment ends (really it is your identity you have attached to it) then BEGIN to LOOK deeply within you, and LOVE YOURSELF.

Then Love, true love, will always be in you, flow through you and as the mirror, you will see this love everywhere.

I love you!!


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Wise words Laura thanks for this awakening.

    I do not miss those ups and downs of grasping, drama, and never really connecting.
    I couldn’t attract my ‘true love’ like you said, UNTIL I begin loving all of me.

    Beauty in Truth this is…

    love you Priest Queen xxxx

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