Attaining Happiness in Duality


Are you wondering why you are here? Why you cannot just leave?

Believe it or not, your Soul had a plan, for this your incarnation. That is, to Master Duality, in form.

The challenge YOU, set before YOU, (yes you your Soul) was not without help along the way. To receive this help, you must let go of all of your grasping and resistance.

So many feel, if I have this, or that, then I can FOCUS on me. It does not work like that. When you are TRULY ready, to end your suffering, the path will open, YOUR heart will open, within you.

Planet earth is not the place to hold on to things, in duality.

I hear often stories like this:  I have my house paid off and have the support of my husband, etc. Most often, this is simply the grasping of security in duality. Or, I will be happy when this happens.

When you are Happy, in the NOW, all things come to you.

So how can ONE attain, this happiness, NOW?

First ask yourself, are you really willing to let go of your suffering?

Suffering may feel like  a blanket of protection, from facing ones fears. At least suffering is KNOWN.

The Unknown, the unknowable, is the place where you hold your fear.

Attaining happiness now, requires of YOU, that is right, of YOU:

To face your true fears

To accept the unknown

To let go of ALL attachments to beliefs and security of identity

To live in the present moment, letting go of How things should be to be happy.

NOW,  I recognize, by doing the above, FEARS will come up, as you will be stepping into the Unknowable.

I am here to bring the Love of the Unknowable. Yes, that is true, ONE can LOVE the Unknowable. The far-reaching places and spaces, that OPEN you wide!! to all that is for YOU, to all that you came here to BE!!

Please write down the above, make a list in your Journal ( I know I have asked you make another list, your list of Heaven on Earth) PLEASE, make this list. Leave spaces for your responses within YOU. I CANNOT do this for you.

Title your Question and pondering list:

“Am I willing to Attain Happiness in Duality”

1. Will I  face my true fears?

2. Will I accept the unknown?

3. Will I let go of ALL attachments to beliefs and security of identity?

4. Will I live in the present moment, letting go of How things should be to be happy?

NOTICE the words “Will I” in those questions above. Through your will you can choose to Focus and Choose happiness and freedom, freedom from ALL SUFFERING.

Look deep into the areas that are comfortable for you Now, are you growing through those areas? Or are you SIMPLY holding  on to them, to feel safe, to NOT face the unknown?

Show compassion on yourself, as you MAKE changes, and let go of old beliefs and patterns that NO longer serve you.

And of course, ONLY you can decide if you are willing to make changes, if you are willing to be Happy, now.

Please stop and write this List, and take your time to PONDER your ANSWERS.

Writing this out, will release a flooding of events, that will also show YOU, you to you, the truth in Freedom, the truth of attaining happiness in Duality.

There is help along the way!

I am here for you! I have links that are helpful for you below. Listening to my frequency transmissions, receiving the daily 9am AST Queen of Light Transmissions, are helpful for your shift to happiness, to freedom, to love!

You are NOT alone, your Soul choose this incarnation, so that you would be free from all suffering.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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  1. So beautiful Facies! I love you!!

  2. “Suffering may feel like a blanket of protection, from facing ones fears. At least suffering is KNOWN. The Unknown, the unknowable, is the place where you hold your fear.”

    yes! This got me thinking to review and reality check myself, my situation. I’m not suffering, but am I avoiding?
    My answer was… ‘I have what I need, all else is mine for the creating.’

    love you Queen Priest of Mu xx

  3. Im doing it now !!! Im facing my fears instead of been suffering…I finally undestand what you say here………!!!!!!

  4. I remember that you had the shortest hair from now, you are always in my heart, love you ♥

  5. Hello Laura everytime I recieve a transmission from you I feel it instantly, almost electric. love to you dearest xx and THANK YOU x

  6. You are the master of living this way Laura, this I have observed continuously, your example is profound. I say yes to it all, and embrace each moment of letting go and moving into the limitless experience of presence. I thank you each and every day for your unfailing guidance, truth and commitment to help us see and hear. xo!!

  7. thank you Laura, for this blog, very helpful. It is my desire to be free, to integrate the polarities and be in the neutral, often I am succesful. Standing in that neutral point I find peace, but sometimes I still get lost in the game here, so I still have issues to release. yes, I find that really writting things down helps a lot. Even when I have some issue, when I write it down, often a reply comes to me after some time. Thank you for your assistance, it is very appreciated. with Love Jana

  8. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    Thank you dear Laura.
    I think that “all these stones of the road are disappearing and are being resolved these uncomfortable situations, for now”, and yes I must have to make some changes in my life, and here’s to love, love you ♥ ♥

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    Thank YOU Laura
    Already start
    Might be old fear! So out of it and be free, free also for the unknown- is it unknown – or knowing, only in another time and space. Love you

  10. Yes, I want to be free! You have created a beautiful and safe place for us so we may let go and be free. Thank you xxx

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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