Solstice 2013 ~ Embracing The Light


The Solstice~ December 21st ~ 1:11 pm AST ~ For some of You the Summer Solstice, for some of you the Winter Solstice.

I will be transmitting to YOU, all over the world, during the 1:11 pm AST Solstice. If you would like to receive this transmission, simply Sign Up for the Daily 9am AST Queen of Light Transmission Here:

To Read More about the DAILY 9am AST Queen of Light Transmission:

Now, The Solstice!

I have included below, a Solstice Poem and a Solstice Invocation in Written and Audio on YouTube.  I have also included instructions on how to create “Solstice Essence” with  a link to the instructions on how to program your crystals. I also have included the link to a post, with my picture,  so you can receive, my “I Am Presence Energy Transference” through gazing at my eyes.

This is a Sacred Time, of Ancient Wisdom, of the Passing through of the Cosmic and Great Cycles.

The Seasonal Movement of The Sun’s Path Stands Still before reversing Direction during the Solstice.

The Sun is Sacred, whether you are celebrating the Longest Day or The Shortest Day. Both represent stillness and moving through of time, The Winter~ the Return of Greater Light, The Summer ~  preparing for The Harvest and Winter.

The Southern Hemisphere or Northern Hemisphere,  will experience either the Longest Day or The Shortest Day of the Year~ The Solstice.  The solstice is also known as Midsummer or Midwinter.  All of The Solstices and Equinoxes Mark the Seasons of the Year.

Celebrating The Sacredness of the Sun in Your Daily Life is of Great Importance.

The Physical Sun is the Representation of the Spiritual Sun, The Sun behind the Sun.

To Celebrate the Winter Solstice, Celebrate The Return of The Sun by placing candles indoors, Listen to the Solstice Invocation and practise Sacred Ritual to Honour The Light of The Spiritual Sun.

To Celebrate The Summer Solstice celebrate the Longer Days of Sunlight. Spend More time in the Sun, in Nature. Allow your Body and Cells, to absorb the Sun.

You can Capture the Essence of The Sun in Many ways! 

This Frequency Transmission is a POWERFUL Way to Move the Sunlight Fluid, deep into your Cells and DNA:

To Receive my I Am Presence Energy Transference to YOU:

Below are instructions on how to Capture the essence of the Solstice. Please see my latest New Moon Blog to find out how to program YOUR crystals:


Instructions on how to capture the essence of the Solstice

1. The Day of The Solstice have Glass Bottles of Water ( Transmission Water from The Night Before) and place out in the Sun with quartz Crystals in Them. ( you can read HOW to program your crystals, in my New Moon Blog)

2. Then Strain the Transmission/ Solstice Water ( the next day) that you had crystals in (that you had out in the Solstice Sun) and Preserve your Summer Solstice Sacred Water with 9/10ths  Brandy in glass jars.  Cognac, double distilled Brandy is ideal.

3. When completed, Put in dropper bottles.  If you have concerns with ingesting even  a drop of alcohol, you can Put your tincture in a Hot tea and this will evaporate the Alcohol.

You can THEN add THE SOLSTICE WATER (all year round) to Your Tea, Bath water…and Use in Your Sacred Space~ to  Honour to the Spiritual Sun within You.

4. Make Notes of the Above with dates and times, and the crystals information and programming details!

Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Crystal



Beautiful Amethyst!  Key Words: Peaceful, Calming, Quiet. This is a Peaceful and High Frequency Quartz Crystal. It is very soothing. Amethyst Loves the moon. Working with Amethyst can help relieve headaches and stress. And can help with calming the mind, and focusing during meditation. You can place your jewellery on a piece of Amethyst to be charged and cleared overnight.  You can place Amethyst in the bath water, by your bed, on your desk, and anywhere you would like the soothing, healing, peaceful, properties of Amethyst.

Rose Quartz


 Loving, gentle Rose Quartz. Key Words: Loving, Gentle, Soothing. Rose Quartz is a Beautiful, yet gentle, Heart Crystal. It is soothing to the emotional body, and gently opens the heart chakra. You can sleep with Rose Quartz, and program it for the opening of your Heart. Rose quartz will also gently clear your emotional body. If you are focusing in on a new Love relationship, create an altar and have rose quartz in the center.

Clear Quartz

Devic Crystal

Clear Quartz Crystal.  Clear Quartz crystal loves the Sun and Moon. Key Words: Amplifying, Activating, Energizing. Do not underestimate the “increasing” power of clear Quartz crystal. Consider carefully carrying quartz crystal with you all the time. Do you really desire the your emotional state  to be increased? If you are dizzy, if you are in disharmony, it may increase those states. Likewise, if you are in Harmony, your frequency will increase. Programming your quartz crystal with specific intentions, will draw the energy of the program (intention) to you. Recognize the frequency that you are in, when you program your crystal, “influences” what you are drawing to you. It is not your words, but the energy of YOU, that merges and mixes with crystals. Quartz crystal amplifies the Mirror.


The Great Changing of the Seasons, the passing through of time, shortest day and longest day,
I honour the Divine.

The Sun that shines above, also shines within, celebrating my Light, I move my focus and awareness,
deep within.

The Great Cosmic cycle, is deep within my heart, the rhythms dance and flow,
I AM a Glorious Part.

My I AM Presence, moving in flow, my Sacred essence, breathes in, the Above and The Below.

Celebrating Light, this great Solstice on Earth and Heaven too, knowing my Divinity, is what I am,
here to do.

My Heart a Great Container, my sacred presence and Solstice essence flow, out to all of my surroundings, and deep within I always know.

Celebrating Light, is celebrating Life, living, loving, breathing, the sacred flow,
and Solstice Light.

My I AM Presence, Holy knowing and Divine, shines my Light on this Solstice, to myself first, and to all souls, in this sacred and holy, passing through of time.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 






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  1. this is a powerful time the solstice, and powerful writing. I felt streams of light flowing thru me as a closed my eyes and listened to the Invocation. I felt myself basking in the sun’s warmth… mmmm so warm and fluid, filling my body.

    thank you for the beautiful crystal tips too.

    I celebrate light and open my arms to Dec 21, our shortest day but a powerful day

    love you Queen Priest xxxx

  2. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    Is a wonderful and magic inocation dear Laura, love, love you ♥
    yesterday went out to go almost daylight to seek ahumadito quartz was in the position where they sell and almost no light, however methylene hand without seeing and actually took the quartz sought, not surprising?

  3. This is such Beautiful Energy, Laura. I love the shifts that take place during the Solstices and Equinoxes . .so very sacred and magical. I love this Invocation as well . .I look forward to listening. I Love you!

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