Sacred Sex, Alchemy and Divine Union


First of all, Do not FEEL you have to Have Sacred Sex with someone to help or to experience a Spiritual Awakening.

I write on this, because for many of you, this is a Path to greater awakening.

I have written and taught on the “Tantric” Aspects of this.
Tantric meaning, truly Being fully awake “THROUGH and including the sacredness of THE BODY”..

Rather than use the Word Tantric, it really is the “Alchemy Process”…

This is what goes on, through the body as you access different parts of yourself, that you did not realize were there all along.

The body is part of  this Shift in Frequency. The aspects of the Body being lesser than the Soul, is part of the old Paradigm and is shifting, through Love.

For those of you having Sex, but feel it is not fully all you feel that it could be in a relationship and  to those of you not having a partner at all…KNOW that deep within you, is the Seed of Pure awakening and the ability to Love deeply, NOW your sacred partner~ you and your beloved, even if you are not experiencing a physical relationship.  Even if your true partner is on the so-called other-side.

This is part of the Alchemy Process ~ Of Being Present, of Being in tune with Your Body, deep within.

The Full Embodiment of YOUR Divinity includes Your Body, as your Divinity is within your VERY DNA Structure and in the Fluid of your cells.

This Divinity in the Fluid in your Cells is awakening Now.

I recognize many of YOU are going through a clearing of old beliefs in this area of your life. Fear and loneliness is a part of this clearing process as the NEW moves in, as you MERGE in full Union with your Soul, in this your form.

Sacred Sex is the Full embodiment in the present moment in Divine Union, which transcends this illusion. Revealing to you ~ through the body ~ YOU are MORE than the body and the body.  

Your  body is the Doorway…to the Divine. Your Heart plays a huge role in this awakening.

Your Body is Sacred. Sex is Sacred. If you are NOT with a partner now, you can STILL experience your body as the HOLY TEMPLE that it is.

Be kind to your body, love your body, and know it is THROUGH the Body that you awaken fully.

Your body is going through an Alchemical Process. Even if you are not aware of this, it is. The Frequency Codes released from the Central Sun are influencing ALL Beings on earth…preparing everyone for this shift in consciousness.

The shift will take place fully, regardless if you are conscious of your internal process or not.

You can choose to be consciously AWARE of this Process and help yourself through it.

Helping yourself through it, allows for greater ease and grace through YOUR process.

You are merging in Divine Union. You in form ( your incarnation) and You as an eternal Divine Soul.

The Process is similar to Birth…and experiencing Birthing Pain is a potential for many on earth.  However, if you become more consciously AWARE of your Process it helps to make the Process easier.

Resisting the changes, invokes pain…and struggle and disharmony.

Going with the natural flow, of the seasons, of nature, of your process, is ease and flow.

I will write more on this..

To Begin with, with a partner or not, HONOUR your body and recognize the Love and compassion you show for your body, your life, is the PLACE to start.

Prepare for your day honouring your body.

Disconnection with the body is the old Paradigm.

The New Paradigm is Full Embodiment through the Alchemy Process~ Divine Union.

The VERY cells of Your Body are changing and shifting to this New Paradigm.

Love you and Your body, like never before. Then you will see a new Path opening up to you, the Path of Ease and Grace.

For those of you in partnership, as YOU love you and Honour your body, also Love and Honour your partners. You cannot give what you do not already embody yourself.


The Passion lives on forever, form to form,

heart to heart.

This kind of passion, never dies.

Through the eyes, an enduring trance,

hypnotic and true,

imbued through you.

Take your partner as you,

and all divinity, embrace,

the sacred bodies, as Source,

you will find.

The Union you desire, it truly never ends,

and through your heart, there is an altar,

Let’s meet there.

In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 


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  1. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejia

    I understand your message dear Laura and what does mean really the “Alchemy Process”, I feel this process and it seem beautiful, love you

  2. This is so helpful Laura.
    I am loving the body every morning before rising for practice. A truly Divine way to begin a new day.
    love you Queen Priest of Mu xxx

  3. I hope do the changes in my life that I need to do, I know that in my heart there is only love and I need to go out it, for everybody and you too, thenk you, thank you dear Laura, many messages today 🙂

  4. Thank you Laura.Thank you for your great divine eye openers.Thank you for being with us during this time of change.

  5. Mercedes Belalcázar Mejía

    Thank you dear Laura

  6. Learning to love my body has been a deep lesson that I am continuing to experience as I heal from a disease that has catapulted me into a new awareness and way of being for which I am eternally thankful. I now love and trust my body whereas before all I did was fear it. Thank you Laura for all the healing you have facilitated for me on all levels. I could never have reached here without your guidance and continue to be astounded at the clarity of all you teach and my very personal experience of the new levels I reach as a result of your wisdom and commitment to helping humanity to see. Much Love! xo

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