Embracing the Mystical ~ Releasing Fear


Embracing the Mystical..This may conjure up in your mind what the mystical to YOU means..If you have preconceived ideas you may want to let them go. As the mystical can take on many forms.

Different from fantasy is the Mystical experience. The “senses” and your perceptions change as you embrace the unknown.

Mystical experiences are a result of the alchemy process. This is the  Process you on now, if you are reading this, through this shift. You cannot hurry this process on. The Process is a natural change within your cellular consciousness that includes your brain as well and how you process information and life’s experiences.

As you let go of all of your preconceived ideas, and let go of the hold you have on YOUR idea of reality and its limitations. As you do so you free the old patterns of perceptions within you.

The Seed of Awakening then becomes ripe in the fertile ground of your senses.

Opening the Door to the unknown, unleashing the powers of your subconscious, is a transmutation process. The fears held on to tightly, which show themselves as your “comfort” zone…slowly are faced, released, as you meet YOU to YOU..in compassion and Love through this Alchemical Process.

Desiring to let go of this realm, and embrace the eternal aspect of Your Soul is not an escape route to bypassing what DOES exist in YOU to be cleared.

Old Pains, Old fears, from many lifetimes, then surface from your subconscious, to be cleared, before you can fully embrace the Unknown.

It is the ABILITY to be OPEN to SEE  Fear that one FACES the fears.

When You fully embrace
the far outer reaches of the “unknown” with openness
And fearlessness~
You will then recognize your Source Stream..

Fear is the only limitation, to what you truly desire.

You can begin to embrace the sacred in daily life, choosing to see beyond this realm. For many of you this will involve ritual.

Instead of running from your fears, that only hold you back, you can also choose to look at them, then hold them in Love and compassion.

So where to begin?

Do you have fear of the unknown?  At a very young age I saw what people would call “dead people” they would appear to me from the so-called other side, to me there is no other side, it is all here now. Having a powerful Apparition show up, frightened many people. And although many people say they desire these experiences, truly they do not. Simply because of fear of the unknown. Fear of things having to appear a certain way.

Will you let go of how “reality” should look?

Will you let go of what others think of YOU?

Here is an example of that.

I had a new student come to me, during a meditation part of the class, I opened a students Crown chakra, moving in Gold Light. This student became startled as she felt energy open in her head. This fear didn’t fully stop her though, she was somewhat intrigued. She wanted more. I could see a person close to her that recently crossed over, and although she loved hearing about this, when  she had a vivid dream of her friend that had crossed over that night, she became terrified.  She then out of fear closed the door to further experiences, and could NOT make sense ( in her logical mind) how I could move energy etc.

I have had things appear, disappear and so many say they want that. But truly, can you handle letting go of HOW you process things, and have you cleared away your fears?

Look specifically at ANY FEARS you have about the Other side, about true transformation. And begin to embrace your fears.

Your conscious awareness plays a role in all of this. You can choose to begin letting of all that holds you back, and you can choose to embrace more of the unknown.

Your conscious choices then reflect your “will” in your daily life and how you organize your life.

Are you allowing your environment to be a receptive place, allowing you to embrace the Eternal You?

You can set aside time daily to write in a journal. You can have a space where you commune you to you at a deeper level. In other words, by your actions, you also show to your subconscious mind ( including your fears) YES, I am ready to release what is holding me back, and I do so in Love.

Here is an INVOCATION you can do daily as part of your Alchemical Process. This  will open the doors to freedom from fear, and help move you into the shift in consciousness, the Mystical and the Unknown. Below also, are links to My Audio Frequency transmission and a link to receive the Daily Queen of Light Transmissions. Holding you always in your Transformation and in eternal Love.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Thank you Laura for this beautiful invocation and blog! I’m so grateful for you and for your teachings. I have felt that I am open. However, the questions you have posed are challenging me to look deeper for any fear that may be lurking in the corners of my mind. 🙂 I love you!

  2. This is amazing Laura, and I love this beautiful invocation! What a Divine place to BE . .amidst the Mystical ! I LOVE YOU! ❤

  3. Thank you Laura for that beautiful invocation! i sat down looking thru all you offer freely, which is so much and was drawn to listen to your voice instead of reading myself..i was anxious and worried when it started and then instantly shifted when you started to speak…thank you for everything you do for all of us here!! you are such a perfect example of pure love and light while living in (sometimes) 🙂 a bodysuit!! Deep Bows Laura!!

  4. The releasing of fear. The embracing of the unknown. So much to process and let go of. So much excitement of what is unfolding within and yet can be so uncomfortable at times. Yet I do want to move into the new energies and truly see. Your guidance has been indispensable Laura, and your truth and wisdom are endless. I love you and appreciate it all! Beautiful invocation. xo

  5. Yes! who wouldn’t want all of this now? What we call mystical is simply what is available to us in the universe. I now see that by embracing and shedding my fears, i can have those experiences and more.

    Continuing to live with a false sense of ‘how things are’, is like living with ears plugged and blindfolded.

    love you Priest Queen of Mu xxx

  6. Hi Laura, love you this is Mary (from facebook) love your page! ❤

  7. Thank you, Laura. This makes so much sense. This message is right on time for me. The invocation feels…right. I love you, Laura.

  8. Yes I like the mystical experiences, new experiences of unknown things, curiosity, and pleasant surprises that attract me. Thank you very much dear Laura. I like very much your messages

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    Wow, sooo great! And yes, there is something coming up… In my childhood I could see a lot
    In Nature! Then it scares me, closed everything one day, complete!!! Now I’m working on it to see – to hear ….. This makes my 6. Chakra active, feel it. Thank YOU. Love YOU ❤ ❤

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