Fall Equinox~ September 22, 2013~ Grace and Conscious Alignment!


September 22, 2013 ~ Grace and Conscious Alignment with Source Frequency

Celebrating the SHIFT!!  

Now is the time, the Stage in your LIFE for continued Shifting, moving consciously into HARMONY ~ Releasing Patterns of Disharmony!

The state of allowing, Being in Harmony will Align you with the GALACTIC ALIGNMENTS!!  Being in Harmony will Allow your DNA to Access the Planetary and Galactic Gifts of Conscious Alignment with your Soul essence. 

The TIME has always been NOW.

Let’s go into some practical things for you to consider.

I will include a link for those of you celebrating the Spring Equinox, and Also include my Crystal Programming information..

Autumnal (Fall) Equinox, September 22, 2013~ 5:44 pm in the “Northern Hemisphere”  USA, Canada, Central America, Europe, Asia, Northern Africa…

Vernal (Spring)  Equinox, September 22, 2013 in the “Southern Hemisphere” Australia, South America,  New Zealand, Southern Africa.


Pause for a few moments..

Focus on your heart and ask yourself these questions. 

What do these New Seasons mean to YOU?

Take some time to reflect on this…A change of Season…

Do you live your life by the Natural Rhythm of the Seasons?

Do you Honour the seasons?

What does Fall and Spring mean to You?

Do you have a favourite Season?

A time that invigorates you More?

Where you are More productive?

Do You Honour the Earth?

Do you spend time daily outdoors?

Begin here!

If you have not taken the time in the Past to honour the Sacredness of the Changes in seasons, the natural Rhythms…begin Now.

Prepare and allow your environment to reflect the Heart of the Season.

Going with the flow, not against it is always EASE!

Honouring the Earth and the Seasons, Aligns YOU with Natural Rhythms.

Spring celebrates the Newness of Life, Embracing your DREAM..read my Spring Equinox Blog if this applies to you:



The Fall Equinox is a time when the Year continues to turn towards Darkness. Many of you Celebrate Mabon..The Harvest, a very enchanted time to slow down, review your Life since the Spring.  What has changed? What has Manifested..Give THANKS…as the Days grow shorter, and the depth of Winter…allows the deep silence to grow and build..till the Newness of Spring Arrive Once Again.

During this time on Planet Earth, September 22, 2013 ~ There are many changes taking place in consciousness. Your DNA is shifting, your Cellular ability to hold Light is increasing. The Substance of your Essence in your Awareness is increasing.

The Planetary, Galactic and Cosmic Codes for you are Being released for this Shift in Consciousness.. The time was always Now!

How are you doing with life?

Your life may seem more hectic, and may include greater anticipation of a time when you feel greater peace.

Peace and Harmony are  available to you Now!

You do not have to wait!

STOP looking outside of you for the Shift to occur.

This Shift and Opportunity on the 22nd is just THAT..

It is up to YOU to align your awareness to a RECEPTIVE state to CHANGE, ALLOWING the external APPEARANCES in your life to NOT CONTROL how you feel and think.

The shift is Shifting into YOU, you as Unshakable KNOWING of the Divine Being that you are. Eternal..

When you stand firm from this space, YOUR world changes…

As you follow the flow with the Seasons and this Momentous time on earth in Harmony…all will be WELL..

Processing EMOTIONS does NOT mean you are out of Harmony…Be Present to the truth of your Experience, and even if it looks like all HELL HAS broken loose, stay with it. Stay with Your Heart, Your Breath and your transition will be smooth.

Listen to my Frequency Transmissions Daily, Overnight, they will allow your cellular consciousness and DNA to entrain to Harmony and Divine Union. They are Grace from the Pleiades.

I have included some links below…

I will update this blog as we get closer to the 22nd. Holding you in the Greatness of You! I love you, Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

 Crystals, Nature and Moon Cycles (a reminder)

The Programming of Crystals also applies to the New SEASONS…Be mindful of the Nature of the Moon, and the Season.


Your Crystals Respond to Frequency Also! Let them Listen to My Frequency Transmissions and be Near You During the Daily 3am ADT Queen of Light Transmissions.

After programming your crystals, you can also Have them in water, during the new moon and full moon. Not all crystals like water, MOST do.

You can drink the water the next day, add to your bath water, or store with Brandy to use as sacred drops..to add to special drinks, etc.

You can bathe in the sacred crystal water, or use for healing.

Do you prepare for the New Moons and Full Moons?  The Full Moon is a build up of energy since the New Moon.

Each New Moon and Full Moon holds a unique Frequency, when tapped into consciously, these cycles will be of great benefit for you and your life and to those around you.

This Moon Cycle, if you are a Lover of Nature and Crystals, Take them out and wash them lovingly. If you have personal meditation crystals make notes on How and When  you programmed and reprogrammed them! Please do not skip making notes. You will be very pleased you did.

Too many crystals programmed in a personal way without deep connection to them and without conscious remembering will lead to vague results.

Working with crystals and remembering all the crystals I programmed in Atlantis for here NOW, has been very beneficial for NOW as crystals hold their frequency and Love throughout all time and space. Crystals Hold conscious Memory.

Sometimes the “Beings” in Crystals are obvious.  Angels and Fairies in Crystals also enhance your Deeper Connection to Nature and Moon Cycles. I have many of Beings in my crystals, including Pyramids, Merkabahs and Ancient Symbols. Each Crystal has its Own Crystal Deva.

Look Deep and Lovingly into your Crystals as the Sacred Beings of Nature that they are.

If you cannot see clearly the Being in your Crystals, Know they are there.

Each Crystal has its own Spirit or Deva.

I have helped many who did not feel anything from their personal meditation crystals BEGIN to connect with The Crystals Deva, or Spirit. Love and Respect for the Sacredness of Nature is paramount to experience this true deep connection.

The New Moon and Full Moon are good times to clean and prepare your crystals.

This is a Great way to Honour the Moon Cycles and the Natural Rhythms in Nature. The Earth is Sacred and all that are upon it. Honour the Earth and You will be Honoured.

The New Moon may also be a great time To Look Back and if need be, Reprogram some of the crystals that you may have forgotten about or to simply Infuse the crystals with powerful New Moon Frequencies.  Cleanse and restore them and clearly pick the most special crystal to you and program it, spend time with it and get to know it on a personal level.

Stay present with your Emotions…allow and Stay in Harmony.

The Full Moon has a Powerful influence on YOUR Emotional Body. 

The New Moon is about Beginnings.

Not all crystals love the sun, some love the moon more.  All Quartz crystal Love the sun and the moon. If you have any questions on your Crystals please let me know.


Wash some crystals, and sit with them One at a time as close as possible to the exact time of the New Moon, or Full Moon and sit quietly holding your sacred crystal.

1. Listen to the Sound of your crystal, hold it up to your ear.

2. Breathe in and out and center yourself.

3. Focus on your Heart.

4. Focus on the want and wish you have that is in “alignment” with the current New Moon or Full Moon. 

5. Stay Present with your Emotions and Allow.

6. Focusing clearly ~ Breathe Your desire into your crystal several times through your Breath. Breathe on our crystal. Do not rush this part. Then holding the Point (if there is one)  into the palm of your non dominant hand ( the hand you do “not” write with) and  turn the point of the crystal in slow clockwise circles (slowly) till you feel the crystal tighten. When it tightens stop.

7. Then hold your crystal up to your ear and you will hear a higher pitched tone once programmed.  If you do NOT, simply repeat above and Turn the Point slowly once again.

To deprogram  a crystal Focus on releasing the Program and Begin the  procedure above  EXCEPT turn the crystal counter-clockwise.  Allow your crystal a “relax” time  before programming.   Listen to the New Sound of the Crystal after the deprogram procedure.

8. Then stay close to your crystal or crystals. Love them.

9. Make notes and INCLUDE  the date of the Programming or Reprogramming.

Know that crystals are Loving Beings. They really are alive. They have a Sacred Deva or Spirit. If they seem dormant it is only because perhaps they were in boxes in the dark for a while. Show them love and care. As you Love them, they open up in Love and respond to you  and your Frequency.

Prepare for Each Full Moon and New Moon.

Acknowledge the Moon and the Frequency it holds for you as the Sacred Rhythm of Nature itself.

Surround your Home in Higher frequencies. Play my Frequency Transmissions overnight and throughout the day to shift the Frequency of your Space. Your surroundings will hold the Higher Frequencies of Love and Union.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

I have included below links for you to receive The Frequency Transmissions from the Central Sun through the Queen of Light, Audio and Daily, that will activate the Codes within your Original Blueprint.

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copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2013.

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  1. Beautiful Laura . .thank you for sharing this . .<3. .and the Shifting energies are so amazing . .having read about it, prepared for it . .it is Wonderful to BE experiencing it now . . . Living so deeply from the Heart and feeling the Soul Body moreso than ever . . I LOVE IT!! ❤ ❤

  2. Holding all of you in Harmony dear Soul!!
    Love you!

  3. Hello Laura, Thank you for this blog, it describes everything I have been feeling about this fall equinox here in Canada. I am in peace and harmony and well aligned to all that is happening in the now. All of my friends and family have been affected by the recent changes, crisis, upheaval, emotional outbursts etc. Yes it feels like hell has broken loose every day the last 2 weeks! I know that my loved ones are facing choices, life changes, discomfort and fear, doing their clearing, your lessons and transmissions have helped me to see this, I am ever so grateful! I LOVE you!!!!

  4. For all who read Laura’s work as the Pleiadian Delegate, I wish to share that I have been so gifted to be well guided by her and all her work in ways that have transformed me GREATLY. All that is mentioned here in this Equinox blog has been so transformational for me and I and have “experienced” it from her guidance and so know the truth and profound awareness that she brings to us all at this time. I thank you Laura, Queen of Light!

  5. Hi dear Laura. I live in a tropical area, therefore there are no seasons, winter and summer only, now it is winter. Thank you very much

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