There is No Thing To Forgive

There is No Thing To Forgive!

The thing is, the very frequency of “needing to forgive” and then TRYING TO DO SO..keeps you in the same Frequency of the Pain and the “Needing” to forgive…

What if you just let it all go? And Lived in the Ultimate Moment.

If you feel YOU are HELD Back Because of NOT Being Able to Forgive…Allow YOURSELF to consider that there is NO Thing To Forgive…THERE is Pain to Feel..Breathe into It…Feel Your Heart..and Allow…it WILL leave..The Pain will Leave..and YOU WILL BE FREE.

I will be writing more on this…I received several messages today alone about “Forgiving” others….

Now there is NO thing to FORGIVE!!

If Universal Law is True ( and it is) what you experience is a result of the Frequency within YOU


Your Sadness, Pain, loneliness is not caused from anything OUTSIDE OF YOU…
Souls come along…and they actually HELP…by activating and revealing WHAT IS WITHIN YOU!

When you incarnated you had within your Blueprint Frequencies your Soul desired for YOU TO SEE AND Clear…that were PARTS of YOU not YET LOVED by YOU consciously IN Form!

When you meet your so-called enemies on the other side to find they PLAYED a Great ROLE to help you SEE…to be the MIRROR..for YOU!!

It is all The Mirror, there is NO way around the TRUTH.
Change within YOU, your Frequency, your Reality SHIFTS.

Shift your Frequency quickly and you Receive Miracles!


I know this sounds not fair to some of You who are now suffering and feel abused by the world…LOOK is PRESENT NOW TO BE HEALED…
It actually is a GIFT…in “disguise”..

The Loving Universe revealing “ALWAYS” showing you what you are vibrating to and with…

It was always there…and showed up in different Forms…different people..and continues until YOU fully LOVE YOU..

It is ALL within YOU…No thing outside of you takes Place that is NOT resonating with your Current Frequency.

Monitor Your Frequency!!!
In Harmony you will have a Harmonious existence.
In Love you will experience ONLY Love.


In Fear…
You will have fearful experiences…
In sadness…you will be more sad…


Then embrace YOU, Love YOU! Move into YOUR HEART and BE free NOW.

It is never the event, and people it is YOUR REACTION TO IT..

More on this in MY TEACHING SERIES!!

This Frequency Transmission will Open Your Heart and Flood you with Unconditional Love and Freedom.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of  Light 


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  1. thank you

  2. There is many love, compassion and light, I love you

  3. This is so true! Laura has helped me do this in my own life. It works! It works! It works! I am so much further along in my frequency raising as a result of all of this. So much I have let go. It feels wonderful as you realize it is within you and can let it all go.

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