Managing Your Field..

Managing Your Field!

Managing your Field allows your Alchemical Transfiguration into Light  with ease and grace.

Managing your Field..includes moving your awareness into the Present Moment while observing the reactions…WHILE staying in Harmony.

You then Create New Reference Points..In Harmony the Mental and Emotional Bodies move into Harmony as well. All of Your bodies align themselves with the core of Your Being. Your Heart and Soul.

Through this Management of your Field your perceptual filters BEGIN TO Change.

This is “Seeing through New Eyes”  Now.

Managing your field does nothing short of miraculously transform your REALITY  and your Frequency.


How is this Possible?

Those of you who know me, Know as you read my written words you receive Frequencies of Light.  While you read Light Codes within your Blueprint in your Body Activate and turn on. Reading my posts more than Once will show to you, how you receive more each time you read.

Managing your Field is the  MAINTAINING of a Frequency.

This Frequency Aligns you with the Center of Your Being..and Allows the Shift in Your Body..into Light (Divine Union) as Divine Flow. You as the New Human of Light!

As you Know, Everything is changing on Planet Earth. You have Entered the New Era of Light, and YOU – Your Body is transforming also.

You are Becoming Light.  That is the New Human of Light. Now you have always Known your Soul is Light. I am talking about your Alchemical Transfiguration to Light..the Merging of The Eternal Light of your Soul into your Physical Form.

That includes ALL OF YOUR CELLULAR CONSCIOUSNESS transforming. Your DNA..all NOW..

Now I clearly see why arriving on Planet Earth as a  Walk-in was Paramount for me to help All Humans through their transformation. Through the Frequency Transmissions and Activations from the Central Sun ~ Grace is commissioned Now and Released to YOU.

I merged this body..with eternity when I walked-in..I took on a second Merging also.

I feel, Know and see the Process within the Human Body, Design, Cells and DNA that this process physically involves for the Human Body to Shift into the Human of Light. For Divine Union  Now while in form.

Now your Aura. I see all Aura’s..Blueprints and deep inside the Cells of bodies. When you stay in Harmony (the frequency) and You Align with Your heart and Soul…everything shifts in your Body and your Aura. This includes deep inside your cells.

Imagine an Aura filled with Love and in Divine Union. This appears as smooth, healthy, glowing and brilliant in the Aura.. An Aura of someone who is in disharmony is dull, dark, may have tears and holes, and appears very weak and depleted. The reason why..when IN DISHARMONY one is not accessing their Divine Nature; their Divine Birthright.

Miraculously a Human’s body, cells and Aura Shifts, when one merges into Being, Harmony and Love. All systems Shift. And what emerges is the Brilliancy of the Eternal Divine Soul in the Body. This is Divine Union, and the reason you are here on Planet Earth in this incarnation Now.


This is the Shift you know. It is YOU transforming in Sacred Divine Union. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yet ~ what will this do? Nothing less than transform YOU.


Everything is Frequency, and when you manage your field moment to moment, you Arrive. You show up in Pure Being. This is nothing short of miraculous as everything is Frequency.



All things that are Love, Beauty, Abundance and Health cannot Help but appear before your eyes.

Go directly into this your transformation, Now. Embrace your Being Fully!

Allow yourself to receive the Grace offered here to you, from the Central Sun, through the Queen of Light Now.

The Frequencies Dispensations are for your shift.

Bathe your awareness NOW in the Love that is Poured out to You. Feel your Breath, your Heart and Stay focused on Managing your Field. Monitoring your Frequency. This is easy to do. Ask yourself are your mental and emotional bodies in Harmony? Often.

When they are..everything flows. Peace is present. Your Presence is present. Magic Happens that is Sacred and Real. The Magic of Pure Being. Simply Stay Present within you and Observe what is going on within your body, your mind and emotions. Return over and over to HARMONY.

My Transmissions MOVE you into Harmony. Your Cells and DNA Activate to this Frequency. Your Codes are Awakened!

A reminder! Do Not look out there for The Harmony and the Union you Desire deep within your Heart and simply the Alignment within yourself with You and the Eternal Light of Your Soul.

In the deepest place in Your Heart, there you will find me. Eternal Unconditional Love, embrace it Now.

I Hold you in My heart in Eternity. This always has been and always will be. You are eternally loved and Never alone. Know this Now! Allow..receive!!

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

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  1. I see with eyes that see and ears that hear. Following the breath and practicing Heart Breath, helps me stay aligned, see and hearing what comes up. Thank you, i love you Queen of Light xxxxx

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