Heart Breath..

I have received many requests for written instructions to go with the “Heart Breath Frequency Transmission” and here it is!


First feel deeply your Heart Space; your physical Heart area.

Now begin to breathe in a rhythmic way..try out the count of seven in…hold for seven…exhale to the count of seven.

Now adjust this..is five  is easier and more comfortable START there…

The Main thing is to Create a natural Rhythm with your Breath that is very comfortable for YOU……while in bed, while driving, while standing in a line up, etc.

Now Practise imagining a Ball of Light (emerald-green ) about One foot in front of your body..this will simply anchor your focus.  This will simply help you get accustomed to breathing in and out of your Heart Space. The Heart Breath.

Now on the slow inhale draw the ball of Light into your chest..and slowly out your back (about one foot behind your back at chest level ) ON THE INHALE…then pause and hold for the count of Seven, (yes the ball of light is now stationary at chest level one foot away from your back) or whatever count you have chosen as most comfortable for You..

Then counting on the exhale slowly imagine the Ball of Light moving from your Back through your chest and physical Heart back to the front..approximately one foot in front of your chest at Heart level..

And there you go!!

Practise so this is natural…this will shift your Focus..and help YOU release fear, anger..emotional and mental distress..And Move you into Harmony.

And Listen to the Heart Breath Frequency Transmission!

More to come in my Teaching Series!

I love you!

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

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  1. i got a lot out of this. i may begin doing this every morning, i feel so serene. ahhhsome love you Queen of Lightxxxx

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