Entering “Eternity Now” is The Highest Destiny

Entering “Eternity Now” is the Highest Destiny.

You entering Destiny; Eternity Now. This is your Highest Destiny. How to get access to that Now, how to enter, is what I will share with You here.

So many are reaching, holding, grasping and resisting what is…they are literally blocking the codes of awakening to their Highest Destiny.


Delaying the Desire of the Soul for Union.

No wonder you are always searching?

Searching is not the way my friends.

Aligning is; WITH WHAT IS – ALREADY.

Eternity exists Beyond time. Eternity exists before time began and continues long after time ends. You can feel that in those Sacred Moments, those glimpses…those places you long to always be.

All the Plans for YOU as your Soul are  in Your Design Before Time began; in Eternity. Your Highest Destiny was also created in that Timeless state of Being, in and through your Eternal Soul.

So how to get access to Eternity Now, your Highest Destiny Now, and Know that it has Arrived and Arriving.

First, what is Highest Destiny. Highest Destiny is always about Union. Your Soul Longs for this perfect Union. This is About  You arriving in the Perfect Alignment with you and your Soul while in Form on Planet Earth.

So how to get access to this? this perfect Union, to live fully in the Desire and Longing of your Soul, as Union itself. And if One has a Soul Twin on Earth, this includes that perfect Union, that already exists Now.

As you stay in the Allowing and unfolding Way of Being; your Highest Destiny cannot help but arrive and  land on Planet Earth. This allowing and unfolding always includes Harmony…this state of Being and  Aligns YOU with Your Soul in Eternity.

Instead of seeing life’s hardships as lessons, why Not Embrace the Knowing, that it is Alignment that is taking shape, taking place, for the Arrival and Arriving of Your Destiny. Fully Embrace this Now; and see what happens.

No thing Wrong, no thing to Change…Accepting, Having  patience…Allowing…AS  the VERY “FOUNDATION ITSELF” THAT ALLOWS YOU TO MAINTAIN THE ABILITY  to STAY in Your Alignment. 

Please read that again, and again, Really let it sink in Please. Have YOU?

Could it really be that simple?  The original Plan of Alignment?

The letting go of needing to figure out, of deciding how it should look, the ending of judgement, and the release of  the need to control the PROCESS OF GETTING OUT OF THE WAY, is what I am talking about.   I mean completely out-of-the-way! Your Soul will accept no thing Less!

When you are living in that space, having patience, allowing, being in Harmony; Destiny Arrives, it simply shows up!

How can it NOT?

You are then in complete Harmony, Union and Alignment with your Souls Highest Destiny. It is Alignment with what is! Eternity is Now. You accessing Eternity Now while in Form. All those in a Body on Planet Earth are here for this Perfect Union, the greatest Alignment.

Merging Beyond time, Into Time.. NOW and NOW!!!!  Do you hear Me? Do you  Really?

Some of you are there, some of you are almost there and some of You are beginning to enter. Take my hand and feel my Love. I am an eternal Being who arrived on Planet Earth to help you with Great Love and Ease; merge into YOUR UNION.

Can you feel me. You can bypass your mind and the reactions that have etched their way into your subconscious. More on that soon, in my Teaching Series..

You will be Free.  It is Your Destiny!

Begin where you are. Enter Now the Harmony, The Allowing which merges YOU with the Eternal Love of Your Soul. Aligning with What is; Eternity Now.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

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For humanity to step into Destiny…’what already exists’ They will  let go of concepts and old perceptual filters of what is Real and What is Unreal. The timeless will become the accepted norm as the Way of Being. Eternity will be the Way for humanity. This is arriving Now.

For All.

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012-2013.

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Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. what you say is so powerful….”the need to control the PROCESS OF GETTING OUT OF THE WAY…”…..and you say it in such a fun way that it is imposible not to get fully aware…haha !!!

  2. Yes… Thank you Deva, love you.

  3. Love you Kathy, thank you!
    Holding you in Union.

  4. When we get out of our own way we can actually see, allow, and feel. Know it’s real Ive’ been witnessing this too many times lately not to believe it to be truth.Ive’ stepped out of my way and can see that the whole concept of Accepting, Having patience…Allowing…as the very “FOUNDATION ITSELF” that allows you to maintain the ability to stay in Your Alignment. <3

  5. No thing Wrong, no thing to Change…Accepting, Having patience…Allowing…AS the VERY “FOUNDATION ITSELF” THAT ALLOWS YOU TO MAINTAIN THE ABILITY to STAY in Your Alignment.

    I Felt the above needed to be repeated. It is exactly how we are programmed. As i sit here in my illusion wondering how i’m going to make this advice work, i simply have to remember to allow and let go, no need to hold on or resist. Letting Harmony settle in… ahhhh

    I love you Queen of Light xxxx

  6. Thank you! It is so simple. Yet knowing this in totality…getting out of my way…the old patterns/concepts seem to run deep. I see the truth yet separating from the untruths feels impossible at times! Almost there…allowing!

Are You Feeling it? Love always, L'Aura

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