I see “dead” people

I see “dead” people.  

Well you know there are no dead people.

There is No veil. Your Beliefs, your frequency create your reality. That is the Mirror. What you believe and vibrate to is YOUR reality.

So what am I really talking about here?

The Ability to communicate with Beings, Souls, Angels in other dimensions beyond the frequency of  Planet Earth. This also includes the ability to not be limited by time, as there really is no time. Moving and merging beyond time and space NOW.

I  walk in Atlantis and my temple now.  I  visit M51 where I also exist over 20 million Light years away. How is this possible?


Why is this?

After walking in, I spent some time at a person’s place with someone I knew from school. Upon arriving, I saw in the corner of One Room a Being, a woman dressed in a summer dress, polka dots, and her left hand raised from the elbow up on Fire.

Now things like this were not new to me, telling people and their responses WERE.

I immediately mentioned to the young man at the house, did someone just cross over?

He immediately started to cry. After a VERY short time, asked people to leave. Then the next day by the young mans Mother, who asked if I would mind coming over for  a visit.

No, problem. Once arriving she led me to the Kitchen table and had a large Photo album in front of her, Closed.

She asked me all the details, what she looked like, what she was wearing, all about the arm from the elbow up I saw on fire.  After  a little while, she opened her photo album. She turned to page after page…she showed me HER, and wearing that same dress, her favourite, exactly as I saw her!

She then said now, look closely at these pictures! Notice how in every picture, here one arm from the elbow up is either covered or held behind her Back!

I did.

When she was little, her arm from the elbow up burned badly in a fire.  She always hid it.

The woman then started to cry, she was happy that her Mother was around and alive, despite her physical death three weeks earlier.

For many years, everywhere I went, to a grocery store, in the line-ups the cashiers would have some loved one by them, asking me to relate messages to them, and I did for many years.

I also would hear everyone’s thoughts, and believe me, you do not WANT to know everyone’s thoughts. How their energy and words do NOT match their thoughts.

I also would suddenly know everything about them, their entire life and their past lives.

When I meet people now, shortly after I usually have visions. A short example, meeting a woman a couple of years ago, suddenly in the room, I am in Atlantis and see her there with me and REMEMBER her. Then back to here.

Memory is a strange thing on Planet Earth. It is all actually really here Now.

I know and remember before arriving, walking in, all existences and memories of those who I know here from many other existences, including the spaces between existences!

In my upcoming teaching series I will open up the Veil for you. And show to you the Original Design, per your Original Blueprint.

To Help you remember. Being One with The Eternal Light of Your Soul, Now.

All of your codes and encodings are held in Your Original Blueprint,  Simply waiting activation.

The Truth in Frequency simply Awakens what already is! The Codes already held within your Design.

photo copy

Whether that is your Memory or Higher Heart awareness and Being in Pure Union or all of that included.

All is Frequency. 

As you vibrate to the Frequency of Union, you vibrate in Harmony and Love.


I am looking forward to announcing my Teaching Series and New website very soon!

Embrace Now Your Original Design. Your Codes Simply Wait Activation.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

I have included below links for you to receive The Frequency Transmissions from the Central Sun through the Queen of Light, Audio and Daily,  that will activate the Codes within your Original Blueprint.

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  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! ❤

  2. Hi Colin! Scheduled for March! Love you.

  3. Amazing Laura thank you I can’t wait for your teaching series when is that coming out ?

  4. It is all here now isn’t it. So never any reason to attach to it, just experience and let go, loving it. What veil? The veil we create. Love you Queen of Light xxxx

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