Are you Coming or Going into The Light?

Are you Coming or Going into The Light?

So much talk of the Fear that prevails over the consciousness of many these days.

Yet what is this?

The concept of Darkness is Included in  Divine Union. If One is One, well then all is One.

From the Concept of Separation there appears Darkness and Fear, this is only the Temporary awareness of a “Reality” that includes Separation.

The Light what is the Light?

The Light is the Living Consciousness of Source throughout the multiverse.


You Are this Light of Living Consciousness in a Unique Holographic “Reality”.

All is Frequency!

There are many dimensions and many “realities” within all dimensions.

In Fact you are creating your own Holographic Reality right Now.

You choose! Separation of Divine Union.





So how do you get from Fear to Ecstasy? Separation to Union?


With Grace!

There is a Dispensation Commissioned for your Shift to Divine Union from The Central Sun through The Queen of Light. Commissioned in the Light of The Rainbow Races and The Central Sun The Queen of Light Transmits the Light that Awakens the Codes within your Original Blueprint  for your Pure  Being and KNOWING in Divine Union.

This may seem to some as Miracles, how after years of TRYING, one can suddenly Shift!

I say, well call it what you Like, a Miracle SURE.

When you Live in eternal Union you KNOW all is Frequency, so it is Simply a Frequency Shift!

Remember the Beginning I mentioned you ARE experiencing your own personal “Reality” this is what I am talking about.

It is Frequency that creates this for YOU, YOUR frequency!


All you need to do is Stay in Harmony as you receive these Grace Transmissions! At the same time they help you shift so Suddenly it becomes easy also to live and be from the Place of Your Heart and IN your Divine Harmony! That is YOU!

 Begin Now.

You Living in Your Heart!

Your Receiving Grace!

Your Allowing of this to Be Easy for You.

So yes then you are both coming and going into the Light.

You as the Living Light of Source Consciousness.

I love you!

You are The New Human of Light Moving into The New Era of Light!

The Light is Pure Ecstasy!


I have included some links below.


All is Frequency; Your Frequency Creates Your Reality.


Holding you Forever in Sacred Divine Union, Love and Harmony,


The Queen of Light


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  1. coming from and going into light, I remember not to reach, but to feel the highest frequency of all moments, staying with heart. Yes through Grace I create my ‘reality’ and remember its all frequency xxxx Love you Queen of Light

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