Blueprints Atlantis

Blueprints Atlantis. Visiting Atlantis. This is possible as There is no time.  I have communicated with myself on Atlantis for Many Earth Years. I walk into Atlantis and have Atlantis right in front of me as I remain an Open Vortex.

Many of you have different beliefs held around Atlantis based on Dramatic Duality stories.

There were many Highly Advanced Beings on Atlantis. On Atlantis as Queen of Light,  I sent forward Blueprints for Humans on Earth at this time.

Some Beings on Atlantis were in Duality.

Any Planet or Place of Existence that consists of Duality as part of the program, Will have Beings play out the supposed good versus bad scenario.  An Experience only Experienced through the frequency of Duality.

Please Remember good versus bad is an illusion based in the Frequency of Separation;  it is Not Real.   It only “Appears Real” to those vibrating in the frequency of Separation.


So why Atlantis, Why Now?

As a Being who communicated with all Levels in all existences As Queen of Light,  I sent forth the Codes and Blueprints for the Advancement of Souls Now.

All Plans as encoded Frequencies and are made in agreement and coded into the Blueprint of the Life Stream waiting for the release and activation from the Central Sun, Alcyone. I co-exist in Alcyone Now.

There were Beings also that experienced full Union in Atlantis and many who experienced their Twin Soul Union with their Twin. These codes are Now being activated as the Time is Now.

Awaken Now to Your Twin Soul Union.

Be Eternal Union.

Live in Eternal Love and Harmony.

As the Earth and all Planetary Beings take on their Full Destiny of Awakening and Shifting in Frequency we Will see and Know Full Union once again. Everything is Shifting in the Universe. Also Atlantis Now.

If your full memories are Not present for you at your level in your Shift, Know deep within your Heart all memories are Held for You and For all of Humanity. They are written in your Blueprint.  They are Held in the Eternal Love and Union in the Central Sun; Alcyone, Pleiades.

All memories, all existences; all of Your Soul Records are Held in Divine Union and Love.

Begin your Journey Now to Your Center. Connect with Your Soul at Soul Level. Be the Union you came here to be. Awaken to this Now moment.

Shift your Frequency with EASE as you Listen to my meditations. They Will shift the frequencies in your Cells as they begin to resonate with Source Frequency in Eternal Union.

Queen of Light

It is this simple; it is all Frequency.

More From Atlantis and Alcyone soon.

Love in The Eternal Union, in Divine Harmony, Bliss and Ecstasy Now,

Laura, Azoora, Queen of Light

To Listen to My meditations, and to Order the Pleiadian 12 Strand DNA Activation, Pleiadian Twin Soul Activation, Pleiadian Activation and Healing Sessions please visit my website:

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Hail to Queen of Light, xxx much love for forwarding these blueprints to us here and NOW.
    I think i will use mine…

    i am due for another activation, i think?

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