Manifesting as a Standing Wave

There is so much talk about manifestation via the thought process. Although the Thought process that is usually unconsciously dominant Does create some of what appears as your Reality; it is Your Emotions that are the Dominant force of Vibration in the creation process. Either Harmony or Disharmony with your Blueprint.

The most powerful vibrations are in the Heart frequencies and in the Emotions. The Frequency of Harmony Resonates with the Center and carries the frequency that accesses the Field; manifesting the Highest Destiny for the Life Stream. Harmony is the vibration that activates your DNA with your Original Blueprint.

In states out of Disharmony your DNA is Deactivated. In Harmony your DNA is activated in Union with your Original Blueprint.

You visually see something, experience the emotions; then think about the emotions, labeling them as good, bad or indifferent. The labelling of the emotions through the thought process creates Beliefs that are held in the Cellular memory. Each time an emotion is experienced and reinforced through the thought process, the deeper the patterning in the cellular consciousness.

These patterns and holding in cellular consciousness also activates or deactivates your DNA as well as the patterning in your Blueprint and encodings.

The release of thought patterns triggered through emotions will have a disabling effect on the held Belief in cellular consciousness. Allowing you; the Standing Wave to consciously choose your creations.

Your thoughts can change the patterning of held beliefs. Your thoughts are in response to your emotions.

So what does this all mean in relationship to your day-to-day existence?

If you are held in repeating patterns of emotions and mental reactions then you are Unconsciously CREATING with the frequency of Disharmony. That means you are out of alignment with your Highest Destiny. You are a Standing Wave and the Vibrations you send out always come back to you as your Reality.

If you Exist in the Frequency of the Harmony vibration you align yourself with your Original Blueprint and your Highest Destiny; THE REASON YOU are Here.

Accessing the Vibration and Frequency of Harmony is simple to do, yet challenging to experience.

Being Present in the Moment aligns you with the Frequency that Moves you to Your Center, activates your DNA in alignment with your Orignal Blueprint and DRAWS the Frequency of your DESTINY to you; with Ease and Grace.

Being Present as the Observer, is the Frequency of Harmony. Harmony is your Center. Harmony is Union with you and your Highest Destiny and YOU and The All. Harmony will relinquish the Hold of unconscious cellular programming.

To enter Harmony, enter your Heart and Be Present as often as you can with WHAT IS. Simply observing, Being.

Practise this daily and it will become easier and easier to stay focused in your Center, IN Harmony and Union.

Your Breath is a POWERFUL anchoring tool that will anchor you in the PRESENT MOMENT.

You are a Standing WAVE. You are always creating. Choose consciously WHAT Frequency you are creating From. What is your Frequency as you the Standing Wave?

I am not talking about how High your frequency! Everyone has at their Center the frequency level of their Soul. Every Soul came here to manifest their Highest Destiny. It is only in the Frequency of Harmony and Union that you will Experience the Reason you are Here.

Some may call this Self-Actualization. Some may call this enlightenment. Some may call this shifting in frequency to the 5th dimension. Whatever you want to call it, call it.

My wish for you ALL is that Move into the state of Grace through The frequency of Harmony, and you experience the Union your Soul desires while you are in a body on Earth. A Standing WAVE in Harmony and Union with Source as One with The All.

Love to all of YOU IN Union with the Cosmic Code DNA in Harmony with The All.


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. Hello Richard,
    Yes Cosmic Code DNA, Meaning Universal Source, Holograhic Field, Creator, God, all the Same ONE Source.
    Grace is through the Union with Source, or as you Prefer God.
    Love to you,

  2. I basically believe that what you say is absolutely true. We manifest our own situations at times because we are human and need to learn from a higher source of enlightenment. Cosmic DNA Code? That I disagree with. (Unless you’re talking about GOD the Creator.) He gave us our DNA. It just didn’t “happen”. Nor do the Evolutionists have proof of this.. God is the divine grace and wisdom. Though I do know you said “Whatever you want to call it, call it.” The only way to move into the state of grace is through the Grace of Almighty God. And through Him we shall have peace, forgiveness and salvation of our sins and lifted into a higher relationship with Him. Call it enlightenment. Call it what you want to call it. Have a great evening.

  3. Laura ,
    I totaly concur and tThank you for mentioning the frequency of manifestation and defining that as well. i have studied this quite extensively and in this current shift the “wave ” of manifestation is much faster and more intense than ever before.
    Accessing the Vibration and Frequency of Harmony is perhaps the missing link.
    Much Intent and Love to you Laura !

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