The Easiest Yet Most Challenging

How simple and natural can something be; yet at the same time challenge most people to pay attention to it?

Yes your Breath; Your Breathing. Have you Noticed How long you can watch your own breathing?

Teaching Yoga and Meditation for Many years I have witnessed by Far the greatest challenge people experience is the ability to stay present and watch their breath. Conscious Breathing. Being Present in the body through the breath.

Will you see how long you can watch your breath this day? If you become conscious of each breath you take you will awaken fully Now. This is possible 24/7. Consciousness does not sleep. When you FULLY enter your breath you can stay present inside your breath. You become the Breath. The movement of YOUR Breathing

Besides staying Present and awakening you will calm the Emotional and Mental Bodies. You will experience greater peace and harmony.

There are many breathing techniques I will write about. The Most basic is where you want to begin.

Full Deep Breathing. If you are New to observing your breath, take a few deep breaths then place your hand on your lower belly and check which way your belly moves when you inhale. Does your belly expand on the inhale? I have found 50 percent of women breathe backwards, a smaller percentage of men. They hold in their belly on the inhale and expand their belly on the exhale.

Practise breathing slowly and deeply inhaling deep into the lower belly with the lower belly expanding on the inhale. Exhaling slowly and deeply gently contracting the belly towards the spine.

If you were breathing backwards, picture a balloon. When it fills it expands and when the air is released it contracts.

There are many intermediate and advanced breathing techniques you can practise. Most important is developing the conscious breathing throughout the day and staying present with your breath.

The benefits are great.

Calms the mind, the emotions, and awakens you to the Part of You, That is, Has always been and Forever will be in Eternity; you your Soul.

Love to you all Now and take a few slow breaths allowing yourself to be present feeling your Heart and your Connection to your Soul.


copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

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  1. Thanks Laura ! Yes ! Breathing is a Huge part of Medittion and Energy work also! but the awareness of breating 24/7 sound like an easy concept but is a great challenge like you say! I tried it and so far I need far greater disciplines

    Thank you for this blog post !

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