Changing The Rules of The Game

Walking in All Worlds consciously is Entering Beyond Time and Space. Some may call this entering Zero Point Field. It is the Frequency of the  Access Point to The All.   Entering this Access is  the conscious awareness of Freedom from all Beliefs and the removal of the  re-play encodings in the Cellular Consciousness.

Letting go of all Beliefs and the Release of Karmic patterning held in Cellular Consciousness as FREQUENCY  is required to enter the Frequency Access Point.

Letting go of thinking patterns through self observance is the beginning stage of the self transformation. Humor helps here in the physical Form as in Eternity it is very funny. I laugh often at the scenarios created through frequency patterns and so do My friends and Family in the Stars.

This really is a Consciousness Game you are experiencing. Beings are playing their acting Roles very well, so WELL they form a belief it is REAL. Letting go of what you Define as Real is a fun Way to start being Present as of this Moment.

When you Wake up in the Game, YOU Stop time in YOUR Existence and you Change the Story. IN fact you end up Messing with the Story as YOU no LONGER play your Part UNCONSCIOUSLY. Suddenly People around you will wonder what happened to the Beautiful Play we were experiencing, why did you Change this PLay?? All the Players get a little ruffled Because the Play has changed.

It is Fun to change the Game and the Story.

As I ACCESS Beyond Time and Space for the People that are drawn to my  Frequency I Become the Awareness of Consciousness as  “ENERGY that MOVES”.  Accessing Beyond Time and Space;  I am the Movement of The All in Awareness Consciousness.

I am Here to CHANGE the RULES of the GAME. I have the Keys to do so. It is all Frequency.

The ACCESS POINT  includes No Limitation

The Frequency Shift in Union with  the Cosmic Code DNA accesses All and Changes the Rules of the  Game.

The Frequency Origin and the Keys to the Cosmic Codes are available Now.

What will happen and occur is NOT known as this is NEW NOW.  New information and New Frequency Encodings Now.  In every Now Moment.

Cosmic Awareness Consciousness and Frequency is Changing the Game every Moment in Union with the Cosmic Code DNA. It is ALL Shifting Now throughout the Universe.

In the Union with the Cosmic Code DNA and  in Harmony and Love in the Eternal Oneness.


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About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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