Loving What is Now

How are you doing in your life right Now? Are you busy focusing on How you will feel better when things change for you? Or Waiting till the Aliens arrive? Even though they are here now. Are you constantly looking out there for happiness? When this or that changes I will be happy.

Can you begin in this Moment Loving “All That Is” in this Moment? Accepting it all. If you can begin to accept your circumstances and your life by Being Present with it, things will shift for you Now.

You will see and experience your Life differently.  By not resisting what is present in front of you Move into Flow and Harmony. This Flow and Harmony is not dependent on circumstances. This does not mean you will lose your preferences. It does mean you will stay more in the Center and enjoy more Peace and Freedom Now.

It takes courage to Love What Is and be Present.  As you stay present and Allow;  the conscious awareness of Fear may come up as resistance to what is.  Notice this fear and be Present with it.  You are making very good progress if you can see the fear in Yourself and Stay present with it. You will be very surprised if you continue to stay Present how this fear may subside.

Pausing throughout your day when fear comes up and breathing into your Heart will help in the advancement of your shift in Frequency.  Facing eventually all of your Fears, releasing yourself from Beliefs and patterns of Duality locked in your Consciousness is HOW to experience yourself consciously Shifting.

The Awareness is Deep within you. You may not see this because your Consciousness is Deeply responding to old patterns and beliefs.

The SHIFT is the release of Beliefs and Past replaying Memories Locked into the consciousness of your Cells.

When these patterns are released from YOUR Consciousness by Being Present with What is, you TRANSFORM.

Karma is neither good or bad. Karma is the TRACES of MEMORIES locked into THE PATTERNING of YOUR consciousness and DNA. ALL can be released Now. YOU can be free NOW.

You can shift Now into Higher consciousness and be Free. Free from Suffering.  Reaching to the future and the past with your encodings not shifting brings more of the same Over and Over again.

If you want to shift in Higher Frequencies Free yourself Now by Starting to Practise Being Present with yourself. Looking at YOU. At Your thoughts. Observe yourself and your patterns. The non-stop thoughts you have.

Can you quiet your Mind? Observe yourself  starting now. Make notes on your patterns. Do not try to hide your anger, your passions, all of YOU. Be Present Now.

If You attempt this beginning Now and need some help centering and staying present, listen to One of my meditations per day. The meditations will lift our frequencies helping you to remove old patterns and help you to MOVE into Present Moment Awareness.

You do not need to wait for anything to HAPPEN to shift Now. Do not base your experience on OUTSIDE world events. Look within.

Stay Centered in your Heart. Love what is…and more and more of you and your consciousness will be released from suffering and Love the Moment and what is.

Love to you all in Eternity. You are always Loved and Held in Eternity.


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Love to YOU all!

copyright Pleiadian Delegate 2012.

About L'Aura Pleiadian

Holding All in Divine Love and Transformation, Forevermore, L'Aura

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  1. So very true ! This sentence of yours is the key to awareness .. “The Awareness is Deep within you. You may not see this because your Consciousness is Deeply responding to old patterns and beliefs” Love it !

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