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My Beloved, in Ecstasy, I feel only You

L'Aura Pleiadian

My Beloved, in ecstasy, I feel,

only you.

Our Heart, as One, throughout

Timeless time, nothing stops,
or moves between us.

Not life, or death, they are but
a breath.

The eternal knowing, that,
we are One.

Surpasses all, desires, of now.

I live, breathe, and move,
within you.

You live in me, and always,

The sacred flame, that burns,
between us.

Never fades or goes away.

Our love, a Holy,Β bond.

As I walk, each moment, on earth.

I feel you always, in each breath.

The Sun and sky, above me,
holds our presence, for all time.

My Beloved, I am with you,
and you with me.

Your heart is my heart,
Your heart is mine.

Throughout eternity,Β in every moment,Β 
throughout time.


In Divine Sacred Love and Union!



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