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The Embracing of Infinite Surrender

Knowing I am here, my breath through my heart, restricted throat, gasping in ecstasy, my Beloved, we have become the breath.

The surrender to death, is ever so sweet an endless dream, the return, paralyzed, in love.

Why the return when the death is so beautiful, the release of everything, taking on such soaring beauty, the mind does not know.

Ever so, the landing-place, awakens to the harshness of a reality, who knows not of the paradise, we have tasted.

To where we go, there is, no end, the body, shutters, to be set free and enter again, its enchanted hold.

To last forever the body says, to succumb again, the enthralling, limitless landscape, where it longs to dissolve in.

Time and again, the embracing of infinite surrender, leaves its mark, in a world so longing, to know its sacred truth.

The wonders of the Beloved, dressed in the enchanted realms of surrender, the lips do tell, our holy Shangri-La, we breathe and die in.


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Everywhere I am, there you are…

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Everywhere I am, there you are…

In my dark night of the soul, you are there, you kiss my hand,

in heaven, you grace me with your wings of love, that gently caress me.

The rejoiced moment, that welcomed arrival on the other side,

is so sacred, hidden to those not remembering, your presence there also.

I surrender to you all that I am.

You are my breath, my life, my living and my dying.

You are my racing heartbeat and my eternal longing.

You alone, see me, my God, my true beloved.

You are everywhere, in my dreams, remembered and never forgotten.

I feel you in my beauty,

I taste you in my tears.

You are my waiting, the heart that owns my true desires,

the one who holds the key.

There is nowhere I can go, that you are not.

You are my every breath, my first and my last, throughout eternity.


In Divine Sacred Love,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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