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Love on Condition? No Thanks

I will or could love you ~ BUT ~ and a  myriad of responses, you fill in the blanks. If only you were different, if only you would change, if only you were not so…..

Is life on Earth filled with a jokester at every turn ~ coercing people into believing their love is real?

Once you become true love and become REAL and Authentic, you will spot every jokester, disguised as love, yet it is the fake conditional love, they are selling. based only in a 3D world, which exists in the absence of love.

Even they play a role. In trapping those, that still need to be trapped, to one day realize, that is not love. Then begin to love themselves, and to begin the journey from the head to the heart.

To begin the transformation from 3D, to truth, love and pure being, through the heart.

One thing is for sure, TRUE LOVE is not based on condition. It is pure, it is filled with Virtue, it is beatific, it is Glory. It is Divine. 

IT is a state of pure Being. Which is one with the higher dimensions of pure child like being, the Cosmic God Self.

To know if you truly love yourself and another, check if you have conditions for your self-love.

True love only knows itself as love, and gives freely. It simply is. To truly love another you must fully love yourself.

Do you love yourself unconditionally? That no matter what, you hold this pure love within you, not based on how you appear to the outside world or on any external accomplishments?

Start with your heart.  Move into your heart, this moment. This moment is all there is. In pure unconditional love there is no time. It is the eternal you, present in the moment, through your Heart. Your eternal you, your Cosmic God Self, only knows itself as pure love.

Holding you in the Divine Grace, that knows the true you, only as love. I love you, L’Aura



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Let me worship at your feet, My Beloved

L'AuraLet me worship at your feet, my Beloved One.

Let me adorn you with my love, and anoint you with my ecstasy and feed you with my passion.

Let us play in the Ancient Garden of our dreams, where the chalice of our love is laid bare on the altars of long ago, that whisper in the winds of our love that always was and always will be.

Let us drink of our Union, till our intoxication spills out forevermore, into the Ocean depths of our awareness becomes our ancient rituals of old, never to be forgotten.

Holy is the breath of our One Breath, that breathes our immortal bodies, into now.

Dissolved ecstatically into the depths of you my Beloved, I kneel and Honour all that you are.

My God, my Beloved One, my All That is.


Eternal Love and Bliss!




Everywhere I am, there you are…

LauraH-31 - Crop 2

Everywhere I am, there you are…

In my dark night of the soul, you are there, you kiss my hand,

in heaven, you grace me with your wings of love, that gently caress me.

The rejoiced moment, that welcomed arrival on the other side,

is so sacred, hidden to those not remembering, your presence there also.

I surrender to you all that I am.

You are my breath, my life, my living and my dying.

You are my racing heartbeat and my eternal longing.

You alone, see me, my God, my true beloved.

You are everywhere, in my dreams, remembered and never forgotten.

I feel you in my beauty,

I taste you in my tears.

You are my waiting, the heart that owns my true desires,

the one who holds the key.

There is nowhere I can go, that you are not.

You are my every breath, my first and my last, throughout eternity.


In Divine Sacred Love,

Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light 

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