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The Sun within your Cells ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness



As you Become more Consciously Aware of the Light within You, the Core of Each Cell and their Consciousness Begins to Light up like an Eternal Sun, All vibrating to the Frequency of Creation, in its Original Being, Pure Light, Pure Consciousness. Pure Source.

Throughout the Angelic Realms, the freedom of this Living Light acts like the Antenna throughout all Creation. There is nowhere, as this Light, that you are not. The reconfiguration to this Light that you have always been, is the dissolving of Density, and existing as this Light throughout all Dimensions, therefore, changing the conscious Awareness to the Shift from density to freedom as Light.

As your Cellular Consciousness awakens more as Light, even as you read these words, the activation ofย this Light, becomes the consciousness that you are.

The Fire codes within Each Cell, are awakening through this Shift in consciousness and Transforming to this Living Light, even now. In All Moments this is taking place, within you.

The Living Sun is the Central Sun, and since December 21st 2012, Planet Earth has shifted to Greater Alignment with the Photon Belt of the Pleiades, the Central Sun. This Light that the consciousness of Planet Earth and All Beings everywhere are receiving since December 21st 2012, is the Living Sun, that you Are.

Your DNA Codes are made of this Living Sun. They are the very essence of Creation itself, as You are, as Living Light.ย Your Essence of True Being, is the Essence of All of Creation, It is the Living Being Presence of Light.

You Are Pure Being and You have Been transforming into this Pure Living Sun Light, Once Again. A Return to Light, a Return to Purity, a Return to Pure Being and the Freedom that you Are.

As the dream of Density fades away, you will Know yourself and the very fibres of your Being, as Light.

Breathe deeply into your Cells. Feel the Awakening to Light, and allow the density that you have believed you are, to simply dissolve into the Essence of your True Being. ย Breathe into the Living Sun within each of your cells, consciously.

The Light of the Central Sun, the Pleiades and the Photon Belt, are increasing the broadcasting of this Light, cradling the consciousness of All Light throughout the Cosmos, through the ย Living Sun, as the Very Light of Creation itself ~Being.

I hold you in This Living Central Sun Light, I am On the Pleiades, and Everywhere, I am the Living Sun, the Creation, of All Light, everywhere. This Central Sun~ Light ~ is Divine Cosmic Light, that permeates All Creation, as Itself, Being.

Feel this Light permeate all Your Cells Now. Feel your Shift to Light, ย Now. I Am the Living Light~ Everywhere.


I Am Forever Yours, My Beloved!




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What you Fear you Create – What you Love you Create

What you Fear you Create.

What you Love you Create.

Choose wisely my friends!


Here is the difference.

What you Fear– you do not want to create but do soย Unconsciously.

What you Love– you want to create and do so Consciously.

If your life is a mess you have created unconsciously the old fear based Patterns within your Cellular Consciousness-your Memory. ย Your Life ย can Shift through Grace into What you Love. These words carry codes that awaken Light within you for your Knowing of this.

Awaken to the Eternal Moment and into the Conscious awareness of Love. Love as You.

Love as the Conscious Desire to Experience itself.

This is the Mystery that is No Mystery.

Fear Draws more fear. Love draws Love. All is Frequency. Your Life is the Mirror of your Frequency. Where you Place your Conscious Attention and how Much you Live Unconsciously Creates YOUR ย Mirror. Your Reality.

In Love you Enter The Eternal Moment. In Love your Heart is Present.

In Fear you are in Time, the past or future. In Fear your Mind is Active.

Will you Enter Creation. Eternal Love.

In the Ups and Downs of Life you come to know your existence as changing in its creation.

In the Eternal “Moments” you exist in Creation itself.

The First Kiss…

The Eternal Moment Always draws You, Enter.


In Love and In Eternity There You will Find Yourself.

So Make a list of all you Desire.

Your Twin, Eternal Love, Enlightenment..etc.

Stay in the Frequency of Loving all the things you Desire. Replace Fear with Love. Listen to my Frequency Transmissions. Listen to the Specific Transmissions that match the areas of your Reality that you Desire fulfillment in.

It is that Simple.

If you are Desiring your Twin.

Do not look to another for completion.

Be complete yourself First. Be Love itself First. Experience yourself ย as Love.

Surrender to what is.
Only then can You fully offer yourself as THE GIFT in Union.
Or what is it then.. a Being Looking for another to give them what they have not yet found within themselves? Impossible.

Two complete fully Actualized Beings can then join in Union as Each gives Fully to Each other all THEY Are as THE Gift.
Then their Cups are Full you see.

Then the two ย have become even Greater in Union as they have opened their Hearts Fully and Given fully of Themselves 100 percent as a Gift.
Joining The Gifts they have, they Now offer ย greater gifts to the world.
That is Divine Union.
And Begins with you.

Make some Notes. What you Love and What You Desire. Stay in the Loving of your Desires. Feel the Love Transmitted to You Now for your Awakening into Love . Eternity Holds You, I hold You.

This is Divine Union. This is Divine Love. I hold you in Eternity. Feel this Now.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Lightย 

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