What you Fear you Create – What you Love you Create

What you Fear you Create.

What you Love you Create.

Choose wisely my friends!


Here is the difference.

What you Fear– you do not want to create but do so Unconsciously.

What you Love– you want to create and do so Consciously.

If your life is a mess you have created unconsciously the old fear based Patterns within your Cellular Consciousness-your Memory.  Your Life  can Shift through Grace into What you Love. These words carry codes that awaken Light within you for your Knowing of this.

Awaken to the Eternal Moment and into the Conscious awareness of Love. Love as You.

Love as the Conscious Desire to Experience itself.

This is the Mystery that is No Mystery.

Fear Draws more fear. Love draws Love. All is Frequency. Your Life is the Mirror of your Frequency. Where you Place your Conscious Attention and how Much you Live Unconsciously Creates YOUR  Mirror. Your Reality.

In Love you Enter The Eternal Moment. In Love your Heart is Present.

In Fear you are in Time, the past or future. In Fear your Mind is Active.

Will you Enter Creation. Eternal Love.

In the Ups and Downs of Life you come to know your existence as changing in its creation.

In the Eternal “Moments” you exist in Creation itself.

The First Kiss…

The Eternal Moment Always draws You, Enter.


In Love and In Eternity There You will Find Yourself.

So Make a list of all you Desire.

Your Twin, Eternal Love, Enlightenment..etc.

Stay in the Frequency of Loving all the things you Desire. Replace Fear with Love. Listen to my Frequency Transmissions. Listen to the Specific Transmissions that match the areas of your Reality that you Desire fulfillment in.

It is that Simple.

If you are Desiring your Twin.

Do not look to another for completion.

Be complete yourself First. Be Love itself First. Experience yourself  as Love.

Surrender to what is.
Only then can You fully offer yourself as THE GIFT in Union.
Or what is it then.. a Being Looking for another to give them what they have not yet found within themselves? Impossible.

Two complete fully Actualized Beings can then join in Union as Each gives Fully to Each other all THEY Are as THE Gift.
Then their Cups are Full you see.

Then the two  have become even Greater in Union as they have opened their Hearts Fully and Given fully of Themselves 100 percent as a Gift.
Joining The Gifts they have, they Now offer  greater gifts to the world.
That is Divine Union.
And Begins with you.

Make some Notes. What you Love and What You Desire. Stay in the Loving of your Desires. Feel the Love Transmitted to You Now for your Awakening into Love . Eternity Holds You, I hold You.

This is Divine Union. This is Divine Love. I hold you in Eternity. Feel this Now.

In The Sacredness of Divine Union and Eternal Love, I hold You,

The Queen of Light 

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  1. Dear Queen of Light, thank you for all the love and the teachings. All of what you write, I know, and have known for a long time. At least for me it has been a long time. I started deliberately co-creating my life by writing down the kind of intent you talk about, and I have done my best to live according to the Divine Plan since 1994. Here I am, it is 2013 and I feel like I have run out of faith. In pretty much everything. I gave myself to love and to the Divine almost 20 years ago and when I look at myself now, am I any closer at all to that which I so desire in my heart? The pain of separation still shows up and my twin flame is not here. I wake up in the morning and I am just as alone as I have ever been. I go in and out of that state of oneness with myself, but I cannot seem to make changes that are sustainable. I make changes, I grow, I expand, but the feeling inside of me, that something is missing, remains. I meditate, I listen to your recordings and others, I have all of these methods and I have really done my best to reach that permanent state of bliss and fulfillment, but it eludes me. What can I do to shift out of the core unhappiness and core unworthiness that has lodged itself inside of me? I am good at changing my habits to do new things. I am courageous and step out of my comfort zone to invite the new. I have lived on three continents, worked with all kinds of things. I have also spent months in deep contemplation, meditation. I feel like I have turned every stone over inside of me, but to no avail. I love so many things, I love my friends, I love nature, I am grateful to be on this planet (most of the time), I have compassion for myself and for all human beings. I have had a very fulfilling life with many opportunities. I do experience myself as love, but still, there is a black hole in my heart that pulls me into itself. I surrender, once again. I do not know what to be or do to shift this. I ask for divine intervention. I surrender this moment, since I do not have faith in myself, I put my Faith in You. Yes, please hold me in Divine Union and Eternal Love, and please let me feel it. Thank you! I am, Ann-Charlotte ♥♥♥

  2. I soul search every morning to Feel my completeness. A self check. And i realize there is Nothing externally that could make a difference, as a human thats harder to distinguish in a material world, without guidance.

    Alone but not ‘lonely’, i could live that way loving Self, and opening to that constantly…

    Loving what i desire. Desiring what i Love, one feeds the other

    I have found my Twin. Thats who i Love and What i desire ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    I Love you Queen of Light ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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