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Are You Still Believing in a Physical World?

LInannaThe senses of what is solid is the immersion of 3D consciousness.

You are being CALLED to let go of what you believed was the physical solid illusion of form and all matter.

It is all Light frequencies and THROUGH the level that you are allowing your DIVINE to flow you as the only one you ARE ~ BEING ~ is the level of miracles, glory and the viewing of the original LIGHT ~ as it creates with its consciousness flow.

Nothing is solid at the true higher level of ALL consciousness and matter.

Your chair is not solid, your table is not solid, your body is not solid, you are immersed in a series of outmoded beliefs that made you see everything through the 3D immersion, of your awareness.

Now ~ Lifting your awareness to the the truth of your Original Light, creation as UNIQUE frequency, recognize ~ what this is.

What you are.

What 3D is.

What consciousness is.

What frequency is.

And How it ALL is interacting with you ~ that beyond the 3D awareness YOU finally see what everything is. 3D does not view 3D as different.

YOU expand and are initiated into the ORIGINAL Divine Being, that flows through the form that is Light. THEN you are an Ascended Being a Master of Form ~ like the Elohim, have graduated and know what all of this is. In love, through your heart, it all exists NOW.


Your Activated Original Divine Blueprint

The superimposed aspects of your Divine Being, through the Earth program are held in your Original Blueprint, throughout all existences.

The Original Blueprints were created fully sealed in the awareness that their full activation would take place, through the Earth system, in form.

As Light Beings you incarnated and took this journey and knew you would unite in consciousness with your Original Coding of The Divine Blueprint.

Each Divine Blueprint designed with its own unique frequency, that is, what defines your uniqueness as you.

The overlapping of dimensional awareness, may create what appears as a gap in memory, to what your Original Blueprint is.

The overlapping, is the non activated DNA in your Original Blueprint, waking up to the activation of the fullness of your Original Divine Blueprint.

Your Blueprint, holding these dimensions, as activated and non Activated DNA ~ were designed to be fully ~ fool proof, in its inherent frequency ~ coding and instructions.

These signalling devices, awaken and close off; what may appear as time, dimensions and memory, yet IT STILL is the Original Blueprint, that you are functioning through.

So now, as all awaken to the truth of their Divine Presence as Light Beings here and everywhere, we witness a multitude of Light Codes, activating Original Blueprints. This catapults awareness into the higher dimensions.

As Divine Beings, flowing as Presence, we live existence as perfection,  free of suffering, free of resistance and attachment, living in the moment, the Blueprints are anointed now.

This unmistakable Presence is present and revealing itself, through the original Light Bodies and Blueprints, as the awakened Ones ~ are revealed.

Step into the Presence, all those who have waited, as the moment is now.

The Original Design and Blueprint was and is perfect, in all of its multifaceted beauty of creation.

WE are inherent in the Blueprints themselves. Activated and Activating, Now. In love and forever Glory, eternally.


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Angels ~ Beings of Light


Some of You incarnated on Earth and exist also in the Angelic Realms. You are here to Be and to Bring Forth the Knowing and the messages of Your Being ~ as An Angel. This is done through Being. There are many Angels, and there are Classes and Spheres of Angels. Mortal language directs you to the Knowing, it does not translate Eternal knowing.

The Angel Realms are Beautiful realms of Light, and as you know, the Angels help all Beings throughout the Universe, which includes Beings here on Earth.  If YOU are here on Earth to Bring forth your Angelic Knowing and merge fully with your Angelic Being, you will Know.

You may have seen Angels, Heard them, and always felt them close by. You may have had personal Experiences of Angels Helping You, intervening, and you may have Dreamed about Angels.

You also may be aware of Your Full Merging with your Angelic Being, or your Agreement before incarnating. The More you merge in Harmony with your Eternal Soul, the More you will BE ~ what you incarnated to Be. Living outside of Mass Consciousness, Below the Grid so to speak, the More you are Aligned with the Pureness of your Soul, your Uniqueness and what it is THAT YOU ARE.

The Soul has many aspects, the aspects unfold as the incarnations, which are the Unique experiences, that are the Being~ of Your Unique Soul Signature.

You may wonder why you feel so separated from the Eternal You. The Truth is you are NOT separated and you never were. If there is a so-called illusion (which really is more of a game of separation then a return to wholeness) then it would be ~buying into the external world that you see through your eyes, and believing that is taking place outside of You. That you are not creating it.

To merge with your Angelic Being~ Stay in Harmony, move deeply into your Heart and your inner Knowing within you. Connect to Your Soul and your Original Blueprint, and CHOOSE ~ to UNITE with your Soul ~ consciously. Listen to my Angelic Human Activation ~ Below.

Take a few MOMENTS and Breathe slowly and deeply into your Heart Space ~with the clear intention to BE the Sacred Space of Eternal Love that you Desire ~ then slowly and consciously read this INVOCATION Through your Heart ~ continue to Be Present and Conscious of Your Breath~ and Receive This Sacred Activation. 

I AM ~ The Eternal Light of My Soul. I Am ~ my Angelic Being Now.

I Fully embrace living in my heart~ Being my Truth~ in All Moments.

I acknowledge my Eternal Union ~that I have never Been Separated from my Soul.

I live Fully Now, in this Eternal Light of My Awareness, through My Heart.

I merge with the Blueprint of My Being ~ In the Uniqueness of my Soul Design, and through Eternal Love, I Activate my Soul Plan Now, and this is So.

I Am with you Souls of Light ~ Holding you Forever in the Love of Etetnity and in the Victory of Light ~ I Am Victoria Elohim, I Am! 


Eternal Love and Bliss!



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