Full Moon in Virgo, March 18th, 2022 ~ GREATER Intensity ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hello everybody! This Full Moon on Friday March 18th at 4:17 am ADT, is intense and will offer to many the opportunity to go deeper within and to transform your awareness. We are all here for this inner transformation!

Once again the Sun opposite Moon sheds light on the subconscious and the emotional body. That which is in discrepancy within oneself will not remain hidden. That is a great thing!

These frequencies are the perfect now moment to EXAMINE beliefs and release them. Notice what is running your impulses and decisions FROM WITHIN.

A Major aspect is the Full Moon trine Pluto. Pluto the planet of deep transformation, helps you to go deep into your awareness.

For those of you not wanting deeper awareness that energy frequency potential is great intensity. Intensity with whatever is going on and especially with what has been previously hidden in your subconscious. Of course this is always so with a Full Moon, now this is simply potentially (based on your own Blueprint) more intense.

So many still look to Ascension and transformation as if it is out there. It takes place only within. It is. not a mental idea or belief.

Ascension is the full uniting with your eternal self. At the level of Unity and harmony the subconscious becomes conscious. Awareness becomes constant. And adjustments in awareness continue as one embodies more and more the DIVINE BEING here on Earth.

Many things are taking place that are appearing to be hidden. Even so, the magnetic pole shift frequencies continue on, despite most of the Earth unaware. So too; your own evolution continues, even if it does look so. And even if another is simply functioning completely through ideas of what one thinks this is.

Reality is of your own making. Again check your beliefs.

There is a NEW EARTH already existing for this in their Heart.

That is the only true entranceway to this Divine Union.

Enter your heart, be present, as ALL GOES THROUGH YOU, not to you.

In Divine Love, all Now!

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