Each Beings “Conscious” Consciousness is Existing in The WORLD They Are Vibrating With

I am going to make this short and sweet.

Each Beings “Conscious” Consciousness is Existing in The WORLD They Are Vibrating With.

At the many frequency vibrations of you, you exist in those frequency worlds.

You are currently in the process of graduating from the current conscious frequency you are existing through.

You are not simply what you appear to be here.

Not many seem to grasp this, frequency, vibration as the world you are living through.

The mirror is your frequency, is your reality, period. Matching, your experience.

So when and if in this lifetime, you shift into another parallel world, (through raised vibrations) we will call this parallel world existing in the 5th Dimension, (for this example) as there are many parallel worlds.

When you literally wake up and walk into it (5th parallel world) you will most likely see most of the people you currently know in the previous level of frequency and consciousness, dimension ~ world! They existing in that same parallel world ( as example 5th) will be also in the higher frequency dimension. They will appear changed, as they will be as the parallel world ~ dimension is!!

What happened?

Did they change and suddenly are there?

Not necessarily. They were already there and so were you. Can they exist in the other lower vibrations and in the new? Absolutely yes. For most, this is going on now. 

You are almost strung together through a frequency cord, as an example, all linked up to your original state, even before any incarnations. You have gone down, and now you are going up, again. That Is the Earth program.

Everyone is coexisting In many parallel worlds ~ NOW. 

Are they still back in the lower one? If they didn’t raise their vibration consciously, to complete the lowest vibration, yes. 

Are you understanding?

It is all present NOW. There are no exceptions, at the higher levels. The lower levels, not yet hooked up consciously to the higher, do not yet realize that. Each level, dimension and parallel worlds, all have their own level of awareness, that matches the functioning in that level. 

Everything when the Earth began, starting with the first Civilization of MU, was created and is CO EXISTING now.

There is NO time, in the higher dimensions of consciousness.

This is the basic to live by, to enter the higher dimensions, to unify your consciousness with  the higher vibrational you, that is already existing in those dimensions, now.

Let go of time.

At the level of CREATION is the accessing point (zero point) to ALL, as it was and is created, co existing all now, in the realm of no time.

It is the eternal, flow.

That is your Divine Being, now.

You descended to Earth from the higher dimensions, working your way down. You reached rock bottom, called Earth (there is no lower) and now you are ascending back up. The you in the higher levels and dimensions never left, as all aspects of you, now co-exist. This is what you term incarnations. They are aspects of you.

All on Earth agreed to go through this program. Down, then back up, consciously.

There is nowhere to go, it is a frequency of consciousness that creates the level you are existing through. It is all Light, it is all now, and it is all available, now.

Blessing you all now, through all the levels, all now, co existing, in love and through no time.

Eternity knows itself, as the one that is always present, being its Divine Presence and Light.


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  1. Hello my name is Brian..i want to learn as much as I can from you..this is the only part of what I have came across that makes sense ..i am a Virgo..i just want to know so much more and for some reason i came here to you for a reason..please and thank you.

  2. Yes feeling IT, Love to all

  3. Thank YOU Beloved QOL for this Sacred Knowledge Wisdom & Special Blessing (s). I consciously open to expand & raise my vibration higher & higher to match myself in my higher dimensional worlds 🙂 I consciously let go of time completely as well as letting go fully of “separation.” I live in the Present Moment ~ the Now ~ as my Divinity on all levels. I consciously “wake up” & know myself as my Eternal Self. Thank YOU Beyond. I Love YOU Beyond. 🙂
    I love the updates to your website!!! Looks magnificent. Love the lime green highlight color, that you are on Instagram 🙂 the gofundme link & updates ~ all the wonderful additions. Such a Blessing 🙂 I am So V Excited with the Global Blessings project to Bless the World through YOUR Sacred Vision. 🙂 Amazing 🙂 New Divine World 🙂 Thank YOU!!!!!

  4. Great thanks for your Love Dear Laura Blessed

  5. Yes, this is great info! Reminds me of Bashar’s commentary on this — (from Mystic Broadcast Radio). https://mysticbroadcast.net/radio/Bashar-Parallel-Earths.mp3

  6. This is absolutely amazing, thank you so much L’Aura! Will ready again and again, I love you! So grateful 🙏🏻💗✨

  7. Thank you so much for this, and ALL Light Transmissions! Eternally Grateful to you for Everything you do for us! I Love You! 🙏🏻💛✨

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