What Does it Mean To Ascend?

So many of you are joyously looking forward to your Ascension, within your consciousness. But, just what is that meaning to you?

From some, I hear they are anticipating no longer being held to a schedule, another, the freedom of abundance. To someone else, being with their Twin Flame.

We can have those things now, so what is the difference between now, what can be, to then ~ what can be?

Or is it all HOPES and dreams of an attainment, that by wanting them ~ are possibly the very ways of thinking that are in the way of our own Ascension?

For all of our dreams to come true is for many the most exciting part ~ but wait, how could our dreams this moment be the same dreams we have in the moment of our Ascension. Aren’t we then, changed Beings?

Or are we pre programmed, to simply trust, what is to be to be. Que Sera, Sera…For many this way of being, feels like an impediment to progress.

But what exactly is the MIND and the Feelings of Ascension itself?

Is it like a birth and has its own energy of Being?

When we incarnated, and for those who were born, did we carry with us an agenda? Or was it just moment to moment ~ living?

These questions and more come up, as we look deeper into, the meaning of why we are here, and why on Earth we even want to Ascend?

After all we leave behind a way of being, some of us have played out for thousands of years. IS it the ending of a story? A film where we played the major role?

Glimpsing into eternity, the nature of the Transcendent Human Being, is God Like in nature. There aren’t those same hangups of body image, jealousy, and a dog eat dog mentality. Neither are there any fears. Although the desire to Ascend may seem ambiguous to the common onlooker of consciousness. One may but wonder, is the desire a form of escape?

It would be to your advantage to question yourself deeply on these matters. As the thoughts that go through your awareness, are suggestive of your experiences and then grow and spread out into the many nuances of feelings.

So what is it? What is the truth?

What if the truth, changes in the next moment?

We are flowing through this, interpretation this and that, as we give things meanings in our existence.

So to Ascend means so many things and is often indicative of the way ones consciousness accesses being. Do you know how you access being?

Stepping into the unknown, we stagger through what we term as our interpretations of reality. Yet are they a correct reflection of what is to be next for us?

Or are we just dreaming this and awaiting the revealing of SIMPLY the true us? as an eternal Species, that came into being, to be reflective of itself?

Or are we not?

Or are we broadcasting a larger voice of imagery throughout the entire Universe, that we attempt to grasp?

If it is none of these things and yet all of them, what do we know?

In the space of no time, there is a Being filled with Brilliant Light.

That Being is the Highest Level of Light.

The majestic glow of Light, surpasses all Light we can see with our eyes.

The Love pours out in such powerful waves, we fall in humbleness to our knees.  We know we are on sacred ground.

It is in this AWE, that we meet our true selves.

It is unspeakable, unknowable ~ till known.

It is everywhere and nowhere.

It is here now and it’s not.

It is the greatest and it is in the lowest.

It is an awareness that travels through perceived time, on the wave of no time, and shows its face, to those who see through their hearts.

It is a gift and it can seem like the furthest from a gift.

It is hidden and in plain view.

It is with you and it may appear as though it is not.

It definitely has always existed and has never gone.

And WE EMBRACE IT ~ as it is. It is beyond comprehension, yet is the giver of it.

It is the light and the dark.

The loneliness and the comforted.

it is all of it and this now.

We awaken as if from a long sleep, and SEE.

It is beyond what we could have conceptualized we wish it was.

IT is beyond anything and everything, yet here.

It is present now.

It is the true you.

Forever present, forever now, forever Ascended.

It is forever love.


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  1. Thanks for your infinite LOve thanks for holding Him at your Heart we both One Consciousness💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🎁

  2. Correction. “Embracing Love ❤️ “
    Spellcheck really doesn’t understand 😆

  3. I am becoming satisfied with myself, not afraid to be alone. Knowing I am never truly alone. Knowing that tomorrow will be a great day if I look to the day as great. Embarrassing love with understanding the difference between loving and wanting.
    Loves and (((Hugs))) Laura💜

  4. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 Wow thank you sooo much L‘Aura 💜 This is so beautiful powerful 💜
    💜 I Love and Thank You L’Aura 💜

  5. Wow ~ deeply penetrating & stirring simultaneously. Gratitude Beloved QOL for this Sacred unraveling expanding Wisdom Grace 🙂 It is funny, as it makes sense ~ yet is like a riddle.It is this & that ~ which makes sense as it is all within “wholeness” & then within that a myriad of expressions. I settle within myself ~ focusing on Ascension ~ it’s reflection to me in this moment ~ & then wiping that clean ~ so as to stay in the flow & not be attached. Thank YOU Beyond for this breathtaking insider “view” & expansion. Stillness, calm, & peace experienced, Beyond Gratitude 🙂 Such Great Exquisite Refined Heavenly Light ~ & way beyond even this……….just simply Magnificent!!!! I align, focus, merge, & attune with the Light that I AM, that is All, & allow The Light Divine to reveal to me my Truth as Light ~ as I draw closer & closer to the Sacred Divine Light within my conscious awareness. 🙂 4ever & Always I Love YOU Holy QOL 🙂 Ty Ty Ty 🙂

  6. Thank you so much, L’Aura! I will also read many times to gain more insight and for greater levels of awareness. I Love You! 🙏🏻💜✨

  7. “It definitely has always existed and has never gone”……does resonate!

  8. Wow! Thank you so much L’Aura 🙏🏻 again, will need to read many times ~ thank you! I love you 💞🕊

  9. I have arrived ❤️🙏it’s so beautiful those were the only words I could think of to describe how it made me feel. I love you so much.

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