Happy Mothers Day ~ Divine Feminine in Union With The Divine Masculine

Mothers Day ~ is celebrated on Sunday May 13th, 2018 in Canada and The United States. It is celebrated on other days in other parts of the world.

Celebrating the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in UNION is the natural way to Hold the energy of the Divine Feminine.

We are Eternal Light Beings. Eternal Divine Beings.

We emanate from the VOID as Pure Source Light into unique Source Beings.

Then through incarnating, we take on existences that appear male and female.

Our Origin is wholeness and Pure Original Light.

IN Celebrating The Divine Feminine, whether as your Mother, your sister, your friend, your wife or as yourself, we enter gratitude for the DIVINE.

For the wholeness.

FOR one part does NOT exist without the other.

Even though it may appear so when we look at things externally.

It is the wholeness in one leaf that be embrace the tree.

It is the energy of the Ocean we can feel in a single drop of its water.

It is in the first Civilization that we can feel ALL of existence UNFOLD in the eternal moment.

It is all held in its wholeness NOW.

IN The Divine Feminine we feel all UNIONS. ALL existences and our ORIGINAL Light, before masculine and feminine through incarnating began to emerge.

In your Heart NOW, embrace this wholeness, LOVE and Gratitude.

To Divinity.

To Now.

To the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Masculine.

And the ETERNAL Wholeness that has always existed and exists NOW.

In LOVE and Glory. Always.

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  1. Ty Ty Ty!!! I Love YOU 4ever……….Always welcoming YOUR Sacred Divine Presence. In Gratitude & Love 4 YOU always 🙂 🙂 🙂 Fully balanced & harmonious Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine within me. Divine Union within ~ Heaven on Earth 🙂

  2. Thank You ever 💖

  3. Love in the Mothers eternal Heart is our unique integration toward our everlasting Wholeness ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Unicorn Dreaming

    Thank you.. sending you much love.. ❤️

  5. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  6. Marja Thibaudier

    💞 Sacred💞 L’Aura💞
    Happy Mothers Day💞
    I Love you💞

  7. Kisses and HAPPY Feminine and Masculine in eternal Union, always! ~ Thank You, LOVE U, Have a Beautiful Day ~ ~ ~

  8. I adore this! So very beautiful. Thank you, L’Aura. Celebrating, the Divine Feminine, you. Thank you so much. I love you!! 💗💗💗

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