The Shifting Frequencies ~ Being Present With What is

The New Light Frequencies are the Downloads you are receiving that activate the Light Codes within your own unique Blueprint. You are a conglomerate of various frequencies throughout what appears as your Universe.

You are a Light Being and are receiving that which awakens you to your knowing ~ of the Light Being that you Are.

The Worlds and levels of Light are the dimensions you consciously exist in as a way of the Light you experiencing yourself.  The way you may perceive.

At some levels of vibration you are not consciously aware of the Higher versions of you. This is leaving consciousness as an outmoded framework of reference. You are receiving the activations ~ that activate that which you are  At the higher levels of LIGHT ~ YOU.

As these many versions and levels merge, you will STAND as the Being of Light ~ that knows itself not only in the New Earth ~ Way of Being. Also as the Glorious Light Being you ARE.

NOW as your body continues its process of integration, know that the glory you know to be yours is inherent within your cells. Your lineage carries throughout all existences and versions of worlds.

It was so at the beginning of your life on Planet Earth. IT IS THE very nature of your DNA. Which is Light Frequency. The light frequency that HAS ANIMATED YOU as a Light Being, here and everywhere all at once.

The Process you find yourself within, as you awaken to your Divine Ascended Being ~ your Soul Star Matrix and Original Light. Is the process of the Beginning, once again. YET you as Light are experiencing now.

This is the beauty of eternity and awakening to what is. It is the process that you PROFOUNDLY desire as the way of BECOMING, remembering YOU. The Glorious Light Being YOU.

We see you now and it is with great JOY we celebrate YOU. The seeing clearly face to face. Reveals itself ~ Beloveds. It cannot do otherwise.

The Glory KNOWN is beyond your wildest dreams.

FEEL ~ SEE ~ and you will know the Glory of YOU.

Divine Beloveds ~ we are with YOU.

Activating ALL now for your GLORIOUS Illumination of YOUR LIGHT BEING. WE are the Divine Council of Overseers. We are With YOU NOW in LIGHT and in Eternal Unconditional Love that is the Substance of that which is ~ and Creates ~ Forever.

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Photo Courtesy of Daniel Holeman

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  3. Thank You, Beloveds for ALL your Blessing transmissions, Activations and all the Wisdom share, so Honored to be together on this sway! ~ LOVE U! ~ L’Aura

  4. Beautiful Grace thanks for so much of your Love in your birthday ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 Sacred💜
    💜 Gratefull to Receive this Activation💜
    💜 Beautiful powerful💜
    Thank you L’Aura💜 I Love you💜

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