Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius, August 7th, 2017 ~ A RESET

Full Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Eclipse, August 7th, 2017 at 3:10pm ADT. A Powerful RESET.

This Lunar Eclipse marks the end of a an Eclipse phase which began on the February 2017 Lunar Eclipse.

This impact will continue with the August 21st Solar Eclipse until the January 31st 2018, Lunar Eclipse.

THIS is powerful TRANSFORMATIONAL energies available within YOU ~ that will awaken you to MORE of the FULL Expanded Consciousness LIGHT BEING YOU ARE.

Relationships all UP for CLOSURE and a total Reset of EMOTIONS ~ feelings ~ LOVE and relationships ON ALL levels.

Success ~ Freedom ~ Ascension.

Jupiter Square Pluto  linked to the Sun and Moon. AS things arise, use this GRAND opportunity of AWARENESS within you ~ to release all outdated modes of thinking and being.

Sun Opposite Moon ~ Full MOON ~ is always going to bring up and areas of non balance within your consciousness for the purpose of YOU observing, feeling and to let go of.

This Full Moon and Eclipse will be felt days before the 7th, NOW.

Jupiter Desiring SUCCESS ~ going all the way, the NEW YOU, the New Purpose, the NEW levels of relationships to ALL aspects. A New Beginning of a relationship.

Success, power and influence, coming about through the HEART ARE yours.

Potentially influencing powerfully ~ personal relationships. Twin Flames, eternal UNIONS. Earthy success matching the LOVE and transformation within YOU.

Sun Sextile Jupiter ~ JOY, Happiness ~ Love! Expansion in all areas of your conscious = your Life experiences.

Moon opposite Mars ~ INTENSE energy to use for succeeding. Intense LOVE, feelings.

Sun Conjunct Mars ~ Intense ENERGY. Release this through your focus of self LOVE. Intense Love.

Any area to be TRANSFORMED will be up for transformation.

This SACRED Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse ~ impacting YOU within ~ Your form is inside this. Inside your consciousness.

This is a POWERFUL RESET for YOU! 

I NOW receive the abundance of LIFE of Love and welcome in my life NOW the changes ~ that match my Frequency. 

I Open My Heart to receive PERFECT Love. Intense transformational Love~ Now. 

I Open and Surrender to the HIGHER power of MY Light Being ~ who knows ALL that is to come to me. That is mine eternally. I open to receive NOW. 

I Am filled with the eternal LOVE of GRACE ~ that welcomes me into this new LIFE ~ Now. 

I AM Love and I Receive NOW. 

In the Eternal LOVE and Grace of ALL That is ~ NOW I Am with YOU.

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  1. i can feel your energy,more better of last time…..t.y

  2. Thanks for your Love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Om yes

  3. lovely thanks ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Om yes

  4. Love you 💖💖💖💖💖

  5. ~ Proofreading ~ I’m sorry ~ confused the crossing from Pacific to Atlantic (Mu til’ Atlantis)
    This Event takes place at the total SUN~Darkness in New~Moon at 21. August ~!~
    ~ Not at 7. August ~!~
    ~ Note : As L~Aura describes it above …
    The Energie~Influence is already Day’s before this Full~Moon very intensive ~!~
    (Typical for Leo )

  6. ~ The Full Moon is also in CORRELATION with the particular Moon~Darkness,
    7.8.~20-12 pm MEZ, at yours Home five Ours later,crossing the USA from
    Pacific (MU) til’ Atlantic (Atlantis).
    ~ Conected with the Leo Portal openin’ at 8.August.
    ~ This accumulates/increases the Energie as well as their Influence in it’s Impact ~!!!~
    ~ ( I want to leave the Topic “in so far” here at Comment/Dialoguefield,
    ~ ( For further Information see Sandra Walter )
    ~ ~ ~
    ~ Dear Laura ~ Please n’ Peace ~ Go ~ *ON* ~Line ~i~
    ~ An * Anasha ~

  7. thank you Laura……..


    Grandmother Moon Hear me!
    I stand bathed in your soft golden light
    changing to silver with advancing night
    Purify me!Weave a silver web
    of moon glow magic for my hair
    Crown me!
    a priestess of the night
    that I might serve thee
    for thy kingdom is vast
    Minions of faery ring
    and elfin grove dance for thee
    Thou art the ruler of the tides
    Vast oceans obey thy call
    Mer folk and dolphins
    are thy royal courtiers
    they sing and play for thee
    The night winged creatures and
    predators are thy foot soldiers
    Artemis the warrior priestess
    is their captain
    she the huntress, honors thee
    Grandmother Moon!
    I see thee in the eyes
    of a laughing young maiden
    in the smile of a loving mother
    as she kisses her sleeping babe
    in the face of the crone as she
    learns acceptance and wisdom
    in the dreamtime
    For I am all women
    all joy, all sorrow, all love
    all compassion, all knowing
    I am thy essence
    Oh Grandmother Moon
    I am the Goddess
    Hear me!

    Ellin Jennings Stamps
    Copyright 1999

  9. Marja Thibaudier

    🌕💛 Beautiful Powerful 💛🌕 Full Moon🌕
    I Open and Receive 💛 Welcome complete Transformation💛 Love💛
    I Love this and You L’Aura💛💛

  10. 💛Thank you so very much💛I love you💛

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