Are you Reacting and immersed in 3D judging? Or are you FREE?

lauralovefeb13Be careful if you read this ~ it may help you face some things within you, that you had believed were only external, to which you were a victim of.

In other words it may induce CHANGE within.

So if you are content with living in a world of pain and reaction, then you may not want to read this.

On the other hand, If you no longer want to suffer and feel that others impact you, hurt you, and that  you are the victim, then carry on. 

Someone swears ~ you cringe? Someone is a different religion you think they are bad? You think people from other parts of the world are villains? You judge them whether Muslim or Christian? Time to wake up ~ that is IF YOU truly want to step out of 3D. The Question is do you REALLY? Or are you lying even to yourself? Lying to yourself is 3D. Because that which is within  you ~ your own reactions are not yet brought to the Light of YOUR HIGHER SELF. There is no good or bad at the higher levels.

Truly no difference. The belief of good and bad LIVE ONLY in the judgment and reactive states of 3D. That serve as educational tools, at the levels they exist within of consciousness.

So you say you are New Age?

Yet immersed within a BELIEF System that dictates how you see your world.

It needs to be this way…or that way…if they were awake they would t do this or that…fill in the blank if you have one. Smoke? Swear? Drink? Eat meat?

Now really are you there still? Living through the filter of JUDGEMENTS.

The judgment is your OWN lack of self-love and areas within you that are part of your BLUEPRINT that hold the memories that you will ONE DAY clear yourself from.

SO instead of being busy judging, the clothes, the skin colour the religion the actions of others, as SPIRITUAL or NOT. If you want to change it is time to get off your high horse, so to speak and look in the MIRROR.


That is it.

The Secret of all Mystery schools, KNOW YOURSELF.

Do not point the finger out there to blame for your REACTIONS.

They are playing their Divine ROLE FOR YOU if you are reacting.

ONE day, one lifetime. YOU WILL SEE ~ it was always you.

The Benefactors that played the roles that brought up your stuff to deal with are the GODS. JUST AS much as ALL Beings on Earth.

Everyone is experiencing their own LEVEL based on how much judgment, pain, blame is within them as their OWN MEMORIES TO BE HEALED.

COMPASSION for your own reactions is the FIRST STEP TO let go of your judgments. AND I MEAN ALL JUDGEMENTS.

When you are free, you will only then see it for what it truly is at the highest levels.

An interactive playground where the idea of darkness is educational at the lower levels. And at the higher levels does not exist.

IT is about YOU and HOW YOU ARE and what goes through your HEAD.

You are responsible for that and nothing else.

Being held in 3D is being held in the world of good and bad and the corresponding JUDGMENTS which ONLY exist within you as a level for YOU TO CLEAR and one day be free from. So that you will live at the higher levels and see and know the truth.

It was always YOU. And always it will forever be. 

Your levels, your understanding of YOU.

Your merging with the Higher Self YOU. 

Then at the higher levels there are no longer ideas of how this or that should be.

There lives the peace of LOVE, that is TRUE.

That lives now in its own world.

Even now.

When you are ready.

IN the eternal Love and Glory of ALL that is! WITH THE Divine Council of Overseers ~ Love all NOW. 















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  1. This is one of the most profound posts I have read in a long time. I wanted to cheer as I read your beautiful words, Thank you, L’Aura!! I love you!! ❤❤❤

  2. Have compassion for how you feel! You don’t have to understand the subconscious, simply love all parts of yourself, including reactions. Without judgement. 💞💞💞

  3. @t the Heart~Brain of L~Aura ~!~
    ~ Okay, my Dear ~ You write … at the higher Levels there are no longer Ideas of
    how this or that should be
    There lives the Peace of Love,that is true
    ~ The MATURE IDEAR of PEACE n’ LOVE is (the) TRUE/TH ~!!!~
    ( Do you comprehend this ? ( I know,so you do, normally)
    ~ There the TRUTH beginns n’ all the DEMAGES of TRUTH-SUPPRESSION ends ~!!!~
    ~ TRUTH-SUPPRESSION-EMBEZZLEMENT can also be very hurtfull,to Livin’ Bein’s at
    their Heartfull~Light Brains or Awareness
    ~ It can destroy much for Exa(mple) Employments~Partnership’s~much more in the Live -!!!-
    ~ Dear L~Aura – The first Viktim of the War/s is the TRUTH -!!!- or …
    ~ I know for more than 4 Decades in this Live why I write this BASIC~TRUTH
    43 Years of LIES-ENVY-til’ HATE-ENERGIE-VAMPIRISM -!!!- … much more, til ‘today
    also by BUGS of any kind,full SURVEILLANCE,for Example,when I write a Comment at
    your Blog,immediate the Neighbar/Neonazi tries to disturb/destroy,also with Words,direct
    to the others.n’ through the Kitchen Wall,which surveillance,calculated political(l),
    envy,evil n’ much more -!!!-
    The Supreme Court(s) don’t avoid this organized Criminality, n’ how PARADOX they inform
    that I could have Employment at their Institution.
    (Note : I also get/got Info’s from nice Wimen which are employed there,some of them are
    between in so far *Wake/d up*, i was the trigger in the last 34 Years,which costs me
    addmittedlight very much in all Areas of Live,at the terrestical Plain)
    ~ But why do I write this still,not only to you – Ok,it’s between public much more could i write.
    ~ Here they say that you would like my in the comin’ Spring … what a Joke (or Fake n’ False
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    ~ Please n’ Peace ~ Go *ON* ~ Line ~ With Heartfulllight Regards
    ~ (Like i don’t “switched on” this time,why ? see my Comment.
    ~ I hope the OVERSEERS oversee ALL ~ Note : The Infocation from them.I like very ~i~
    ~ ( Energie Vampirism : For further Info’s/Details see also at LISA RENEE ~!~)

  4. Eternally grateful for this. But I am really angry when someone’s smoke gets up my nose (literally!) when I can smell their smoking either cigarettes or e cigs. Should I look into my anger? Maybe some addiction in me that lurks somewhere. Maybe some parts of me that want to escape somewhere in the mountains, away from everybody & just meditate. I have a lot of patience and tolerance for almost all things but smoking is my downfall!! 💜💜💜

  5. Right on, Sister! FABulous post. Thank you so much for sharing.
    ~ Rain Love

  6. Hello thank you! Im busy working on not judging anymore. It just amazes me how often we judge, even the small stuff. When i catch mijself i tell mijself its ok, then i send it away with Love. I end up looking at that person in a different way. I tell mijself that they are following their own path. Now i try to look at everyone that way, in the supermarket, on the street. It makes mij own path seem easier. Its hard work being awake pffff……but you know the saying “someones got to do it!” Love your posts tx. ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Thanks for all your love and Guidance it is very direct to my Heart your activation is simply light on every corner of my being Love you somuch thanks ❤ 3 ❤ ❤

  8. Marja Thibaudier

    💞So very beautiful and Sacred💞 Love this💞 Love you💞 Thank you💞

  9. I’m reacting!!! I’m devastated about all that’s going on! I’ve never cared about politics and Rich people. I’ve never thought that the very same people we trust to run the country are they same people hurting CHILDREN! And it’s so frustrating that I can’t do anything to help them! I’m broken hearted that just because people are rich or born into privelige are Pedophiles STEALING THE INNOCENT SPIRIT THAT GOD GAVE THEM! The children are trafficked and I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW IT IS THAT THEY ARENT BEING LOCKED UP! That Weiner gate guy and all the Government officials are still FREE AFTER we’ve seen what they Do to children??? How can I ever be able to put this RIGHT in my mind!? My HEART WORKS!!!

    On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 7:42 AM The New Divine Humanity wrote:

    > The New Divine Humanity posted: “Someone swears ~ you cringe? Someone is a > different religion you think they are bad? You think people from other > parts of the world are villains? You judge them whether Muslim or > Christian? Time to wake up ~ that is IF YOU truly want to step out of 3D. > Th” >

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