The Love that opens your Heart ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Let what you read allow you to FEEL more deeply and let it OPEN your heart.

Do NOT resist the pain.

Let go of some of the pain.


Pause and FEEL.

All the pain, all the sorrow, endings, beginnings….the love…

Never wish to change any of it.

When you face your life review, you will see it was all there to open your heart. To Love. To you.

The experience, is there for a reason, to open to love. NOW.

Sometimes it feels like LOVE is painful. It is opening more, your heart that feels painful.

Love requires everything.

Everything of YOU.

Giving ALL of you is the beauty of IT.

Never regret the pain.

The sadness.

The Loss.

It is part of love and opening more to love.

We only have today. Tomorrow may not come.

Give all that you Are. Even if one day it seems to end….Eternally it never ends. Love is the only thing that is eternal. You ARE Love and you are Becoming YOU. Fully. It requires ALL that YOU are.

Love what is now with all of your being. All of your heart as best you can. Transcend the belief that pain makes it not worthy to appreciate your experience.

It is all beauty and opportunity for love.

You will know this one day if you do not now.

Tomorrow may never come.

TODAY NOW is all there is.

Love FEELING deeply, whether love, sadness, pain. ecstasy or bliss.

Because you are feeling. You are experiencing LIFE.

The Life and experiences you are destined to have.

Feeling tears of pain. No tears are lost.

Acknowledging the pain, the heart that feels torn apart.

You are held in the loving arms of Divinity. As this birthing you experience through every painful experience. That opens your heart.

Surrender is a sacred process of BECOMING.

Becoming LOVE.

Love that Loves and let’s go.

Pain in the Heart is the Heart growing into perfect love.

The Gift is giving all of YOU. All that you are. All the love you have. Even if it seems it is not forever. It is!

IS the Heart that is growing.

That is learning how Love truly is, trusting, Loving no matter what.

REALIZING the moment can never be kept the same.

Loving each as the moment.

IS the way to cherish LIFE.

Your Life.

That is 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

True Love and letting go of the previous moment.

Cherishing ALL moments within your Heart.

Whether pain and sorrow, or a time for celebration.

IT is all to be cherished, you will see and know this.

Cry when you need to cry.

Celebrate when it is time to celebrate.

Do not miss life.

It is a sacred treasure.

Through all the pain.

All the love.

All the endings and beginnings.

Every moment.




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    OH, MY GOD! The loss did happened that very day….how did you know? I was blaming my self thought it was my mistakes, was it supposed to happened? Bless you! Tatiana

  2. Thank you so much, for now , forever…:-)

  3. In every cloud that I see, I see your beautifull eyes always. I know you are inside in my heart always all ways 🐝🐝
    🌼💞 I Love You 💜🌺💕🐝🌼💞🕊💝🏵🌻💜🐳🐬

  4. Thank you for you time and loving messages every day, you are truely amazing!

  5. thanks it is very needed this aceptation of pain thanks dear Quin Love you Om

  6. Listening to your last activation “The Divine Council of Overseers” I had a vision and it appeared very clear, it was an indigenous reddish with feathers, also was a young and blonde woman moving something, like a kind of swing or wheel.
    My great gratitude for your marvelous activation “The Divine Council of Overseers”.
    ❤ ❤ I Love You ❤ ❤ Eternal Love and Bliss ❤ ❤ 🙂 ❤ ❤

  7. Marja Thibaudier

    ❤️ Yes I Love all of my experiences ❤️ The painful and the Joyful ❤️Practice to apply 5. dimensional consciousness to all I experience
    I Love this and You Eternaly❤️

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