Changing Physical Matter ~ Understanding Consciousness


Impacting matter, we all want to do that. Change things. Transform things. Make things appear.

And yet we are.

Recognizing that we ARE impacting matter increases the impact.

Through the observing and through increasing your ability to focus.

As you pay attention to all the signs around you, the signs increase also. The synchronicity.

Matter has been generally considered physical substance separate from mind and spirit.

In paying attention to the connection, the symbolism, and IMPACT we have on matter, the more we realize how connected it all is.

That is, how everything is made up of consciousness.

The chair you are sitting on. The computer you type on. Is consciousness. Your house. These are symbols made up of consciousness that represent that consciousness.

A relationship is consciousness. A loving one, representative of self-love and acceptance.

The consciousness of a chair may be positive or negative. A computer may be positive or negative.

WE are like the zeros and ones that make up a computer.

Our Soul consciousness computer and the MEMORY keeps track runs of the positive and negative meanings we give to matter.

A chair may represent relaxation. A chair may represent procrastination. A relationship may represent nourishment, or it may represent unhappiness.

The consciousness of a house that same. May represent peacefulness, a bed pleasure and rest. Or for some, confinement, duty, etc.

When we begin to transform within, the black and white fades. The positive and negative meanings we gave things, seems to neutralize. With that, the IMPACT of the past Soul Consciousness programming.

This is when the fun BEGINS.

We know all matter represent our Consciousness! We are clear from the reactive states!

WE then view all Matter as Data of consciousness that we give meaning to. We know our relationship with MATTER (physical substance) is intricately connected to our perceptions. To what we have decided it represent to us.

That is WHY when we change inside, the external world of matter also changes.

We are in constant communication through our inner computer that represents our Consciousness. Our consciousness is in union with MATTER the same way. 

That couch, to you may be the consciousness of fun, relaxation, socializing. Or could represent laziness, tiredness. YOU See it becomes the consciousness of your PERCEPTION of what it MEANS to you.

In this way, when we LIVE knowing this connection. WE literally shape matter.

The world becomes suddenly dazzling with light and a softness we never knew before. Our body transforms. Our living space transforms.

Things appear and disappear.

It is not so phenomenal as we once “thought” it is more our Natural state, that was have simply awakened TO.

Notice the correlation, between the changes in how you feel and the physical changes that appear around YOU.

It is amazing to witness. When you witness changes, the witnessing becomes part of your inner computer.

What you focus on increases.

Then you gather more and more data, so to speak, which then shows you more and more of what you are focusing upon.

When we live this way and view all things as the representations of consciousness that we are literally creating every moment, we then see the nature of our consciousness. The consciousness of matter. The connection and union between them both. 

This is the new way of communication. 

The way we understand the creation of matter and all consciousness. 

We overcome the idea of death. Of suffering, as we recognize within, it is all representative to the meanings we have given to things, that has been held within our Soul Computer (Blueprint) our consciousness.

Breathe, relax and FEEL the activation. As you READ slowly and breathe slowly.

I live in the awareness, that my consciousness is impacting all consciousness everywhere.

I now pay attention more closely to my relationship with matter.

I acknowledge this is all here for a reason.

I know how I relate to matter is a reflection of my own consciousness.

The meanings I have given things are now changing to match the love I feel inside myself.

I Am shifting in frequency now and all matter is shifting also in front of my eyes.

It is miraculous and it is also my natural state.

My inner computer is now changing this moment.

I am being upgraded with new awareness of consciousness that now sees the connection I have with matter.

Matter is consciousness.

I Am consciousness.

We are connected.

My data base within my consciousness NOW SHIFTS knowing the connection. 

I Am in Love with my life. 

I Am ONE with all Matter as the meaning I give to matter. 

And it is so! I Am now UPDATED. And view within me as changed and all matter around me.

I love You ~ more soon Beloved Angels of Light!


Eternal Love ~ Beloved Angels of Light!

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing activation! I love you! 💗

  2. 🎶🎶🎶🎶🐦 Thank you, L’aura. Reading this brought tears to my eyes and made me feel like I am coming home more than ever!!! I remember knowing this as a child and then forgetting for decades. 💜😇💜

  3. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Heavenly felt Oneness pulsating within…Beauty-Full! Forever thank your Light shining at and for us!! LOVE Forever!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Marja Thibaudier

    💜 I feel the Activation💜Beautiful💜 Thank you L’Aura💜 I Love you💜

  6. Loving Our unconditional Love thanks Om yes

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