Expanding Love ~ Increasing Light ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness


Expanding into greater Love, which then increases your Light Frequency, is the process of Ascension, you are experiencing.

This program of expansion in your consciousness, is the return to your Original Awareness, as Light. As Divinity. That you are CREATED As.

Very naturally, you may focus more and more on your Heart Space and feel the Love there as the EMANATION of your Soul. That you ARE.

Try this now.

Relax and Focus on your Breath. It is here you enter the NOW.

Take your time, feel present.

Relax and Breathe.

Now feel your Heart (deep within your heart) the Gorgeous Divine You, as Starlight. The you, that you once thought you were trying to become.

This is the one that already exists. Inside YOU.

This Light, this Divine You, lives in your Heart.

Breathe, communicate, Love this Presence in your HEART. It is Golden Diamond Star Light. That which you are made of. Your Essence, your Presence as Light. And as LOVE.

Let this glow. Ask this Light to stay in your awareness all day and all night. This Light in your Heart isΒ the illuminated intelligence of theΒ Divine.

It knows when you communicate with it.

Thank your Beautiful Starlight.

Your Soul Light.

Your Ascension Process.

Stay present throughout the day and night, with THIS PRESENCE and STARLIGHT within YOUR Heart.

I am activating you into this more deeply NOW, so you will FEEL, KNOW, and Love your very own Presence.

Your very own starlight.

Your very own ~ God Self.

This emanation of Starlight and Love within your Heart, has existed forever. It is your link to the eternal YOU.

This same presence existed before time and Lives forever in eternity. No beginning no end. All Now.

This same presence exists throughout all your many existences. It is the same. It never changes. Yet, your awareness of change may be present as you maneuver through the experiences, your Soul has set for you. Your Soul is simply the Higher Self you that designed your experiences. That is, the experiences that would lead you to this. To Now. To remembering and to accessing, the You that you have always been.

This is your ascended Being you.

This is the God you.

This is the Divine You.

This is the One you have always dreamed of Being.

Your focus upon this expands your Heart awareness and increases the conscious awareness of your Light.

And I hold you in this now. Activating you every hour in the Glory of You. Now and Always, beloved Souls. In sacred love and beauty of All That is. And so it is.

heart expansion

Eternal Love and Bliss!

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