Magical days ~ Magical nights



Magical Days, magical nights,
the time is here.

Embracing light, embracing love,
forever, now.

The heartbeat beating, so strong,
and true.

All the elements, on earth,
and heaven too.

Invoking now, for all,
to see.

Heavenly beauty, the,
wishing tree.

Sacred Beings, in the Light,
forever chanting.

All realms and dimensions,
all in union, for you to be.

Your hearts desire, so pure,
and true.

The heavenly gate, for you,
to walk through.

Enter union, within,
your heart.

Then you will never feel lost,
or far a part.

From your Divinity, the sacred,

The cosmic cycle, the sacred circle,
for all to see.


Sacred Love and Union!




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  1. Magical morning here with all the softly falling snow, and heavenly poetry too. I always feel uplifted with your message in it’s beautifully crafted rhyme. xo

  2. Feeling more and more this beautiful place in my heart. I adore this and all of your poetry!! xoxo

  3. reading This, I Am immersed in Liquid Gold… traveling on the Sacred Stargates, to the Magical Kingdoms, on Heaven’s Shores!!!

  4. Your beautiful inspirations inspire me and I feel you most near of me, thank you dear Laura, love you and strong embrace ♥ ♥

  5. Totally beautiful, thank you :)))

  6. Marja Thibaudier

    💜Deeply felt💜 Sacred Union💜
    Love you💜 Thank you💜

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